OmniFocus Premium Posts is Out!

by on January 15, 2013

OmniFocus Premium Posts
It’s finally out: OmniFocus Premium Posts – the fast guide for OmniFocus to get more results and work done in less time.

This product has been in the making for over a year and we are really excited to release it to the public. It has all the practical tips and solutions you need to use OmniFocus the right way and new stuff we’ve never released before that will help you use OmniFocus more effectively.

We’ve spent $1,000+ (our expenses combined) on different task managers, add-ons, development and such to find the perfect solutions that are now in this product. Not to mention the hundreds of hours of research, experiments and late night dinners discussing various workflows, techniques and solutions. A lot of sweat and sushi rolls went into creating this product, so we are really proud and excited to finally release it.

If you’re an OmniFocus user, this is the product you want to have. With real world examples and solutions packaged in one product, we want to help every OmniFocus user get more out of this amazing piece of software. Especially for those who have been using OmniFocus for a while, but have struggled to make OmniFocus work effortlessly – this will fill in the missing gaps.

Click here to grab OmniFocus Premium Posts.

Aaron and Thanh

-Aaron and Thanh

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