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What people are saying about OmniFocus Premium Posts

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OmniFocus Premium Posts

Ever since the release of OmniFocus Premium Posts we have been getting a lot of great feedback from people. It’s always great to hear how we have helped thousands of people improve their quality of lives through our content, products, emails and other media. This is what keeps us going and we are so fortunate to be in a position to help others.

We are really proud to have OmniFocus Premium Posts released after a year of working on it. A lot of people love it, a couple hate it (it’s too bad we can’t satisfy everyone) but most of all the feedback has been very positive. I want to share with you the things people had to say about OmniFocus Premium Posts.

LinkedIn Discussion

LinkedIn discussion on OmniFocus Premium Posts

Someone on LinkedIn asked for other people’s thoughts on OmniFocus Premium Posts. You can read here what people had to say.

I’ll copy some of the things people said:

Another OmniFocus Premium Posts testimonial

OmniFocus Premium Posts testimonial

Customer Testimonials

Whenever someone purchases a product we send them a survey and ask for their honest feedback. This lets us know if they are happy with their purchase and we use the feedback to make improvements for the next version.

Here are some of the things people have submitted.

“I’m still in the process of applying it, but so far I can already say this is an outstanding product. I WISH I had these posts when I first purchased OmniFocus.” – Kurt von M, Switzerland.

“It is making a huge difference in my workflow and trust of the system. Before I have read a lot of your posts and implemented a lot. But it always seemed to be cracks in there and made me not trust it fully or use it fully. Now it is different with this product. Thanks for a great product!” – Emma P, Sweden.

“I’ve used GTD and OmniFocus for a couple of years. I found that I actually ‘restarted’ my system with the Premium Posts and am feeling a new ”spring“ in my productivity step! Thank you.” – Scott K, USA.

“Having been a user of OmniFocus for over 2 years, I thought I had found my optimum workflow. OmniFocus Premium Posts gave me the tools and the chance to review the way I do things and find a better way. It’s easy to get bogged down in habits that were formed when you first started using OmniFocus, especially if you came from another product. Hearing a different, fresh opinion was very valuable. I’ve streamlined my system a great deal and am still working on it. In view of the amount of time it will save me, this has been a good investment. I wish this product had been available when I was just setting up with OF.” – Marisa W, UK.

If you’re an OmniFocus user and you’re struggling to make it work for you, this is a great opportunity to get this handled with OmniFocus Premium Posts.

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Posted by Wilson Ng  | January 31, 2013 at 7:01AM | Reply

This is an awesome eBook. The purchase isn’t expensive in the long term. I think of my OmniFocus Premium Posts purchase the same price of an all-day OmniFocus workshop with Thanh and Aaron. Keep up the good work!

Posted by Jose Fong  | February 1, 2013 at 1:54AM | Reply

Yes, the ebook is not for everyone. You guys make that perfectly clear in the ebook. What I love is that you show how you “hacked” into the program and implemented it for your benefit. I love all the references to all the books/materials/authors you personally use. I’ve been using OF for some time but I feel that my setup was not strong enough and therefore I would be constantly falling off the wagon. The Premium Post have been a tremendous help with that.

Question: I’m a minister and I oversee several different projects and ministries. Each of this projects/ministries have several sub-projects. As I’m setting up, I see that I’m creating folder after folder for each of them. Am I doing this right? I feel that I like the ability to focus on a particular project/ministry when I would need to. On the other hand I’m not liking the nestling of folders and projects. It seems that it’s getting complicated. On posts 22 and 23 you guys show us your personal OF setups. Both of them seem very simple to me which leads me to think that I might be doing something wrong. Please advise.

Posted by Wynxz  | February 5, 2013 at 6:01AM

@Jose Fong. I am not Aaron or Thanh and I am no expert. But after reading this blog for almost 5 months + adapting my productivity system AE style (yes, I adopt a lot of core concept from here),
I suggest you do the following items:

1) Read about Agile Results and Omnifocus on this blog – GTD is nice but AR is far better.
This will answer your sub-folder problem. (I used to have 3-4 levels of sub-folders and getting really messed up so the rule is no more than 2 levels. That’s my suggestion.)

2) Use Perspective as an advantage – Perspective is what makes OF so distinctive and very effective. When you figure it out on your own how many perspectives you should have, OF will rock your world.
You will know how to FOCUS efficiently. (The guide on setting up perspectives in OFPP is a fundamental but when you know how your workflow works, tweak them into your own workflow-based perspectives.)

3) If you have more time, read more AE blog. :)

Be patient with testing and trying your OF. It took me around 4 months to do so.
(I have three different businesses, which are not related to each other at all, plus personal life to handle, so it took me quite a while.)
OFPP is a must for starting and rocking OF. But if you want to be the expert of your own system,
test and try everything yourself.

Good Luck.

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