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Preparing for the End of the World

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Hi everyone,

This is going to be our last post for 2012, so Thanh and I wanted to wish everyone Happy Holidays and a hopefully uneventful end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it. Provided we don’t experience a zombie apocalypse, we’ll be back with lots of exciting stuff in 2013.

Here’s a few things we wanted to mention for the holiday season.

Around the Clock Productivity

We recently wrote a piece for Vuelto Magazine’s Christmas edition on Around the Clock Productivity – if you’re in the Seattle area you can pick up a print copy locally, otherwise here’s the online version.

Good reading if you want to start 2013 with a bang.

Some Quick Travel Tips

We’re hoping to bring you guys more video content in 2013, so I experimented with recording some efficient travel tips for AE readers while I was in New Zealand. I’m still trying to work out how video lighting works, so apologies for the bad light balance in a couple of the videos – the tips are still good though!

I hope that those of you headed out of town or abroad for the holidays have a safe and smooth trip, and hopefully you’ll get to implement some of these.

Using Tripit to Manage Your Itineraries

TripIt is a free service and is available here:

How to Pack Efficiently

Morning Rituals While Traveling

Your Annual Review

Everyone is in holiday mode right now – things are wrapping up at work, people are taking it easy, projects are being pushed back to next year… now is the time to take it easy and take a break (never thought we’d print that on Asian Efficiency huh). But instead of descending straight into copious amounts of red wine, tequila and celebrations, take a moment out and do your annual review first!

Here’s what you do:

  1. Look over your journal entries from 2012. It’s all in the past, so be objective and see what you could honestly improve on.
  2. Set up some goals and targets for 2013. Think about new things you want to try – like maybe you want to change your organizing principle and try it out for a year. Also, set up the systems and structures for these things now – you don’t have to start on your 2013 goals now, but make sure that when January 1st (or 2nd) rolls around, everything is all-systems-go.
  3. Take control of your environment too. This could mean spring-cleaning the house (I just finished clearing out all the excess and clutter in my condo), reorganizing your physical workspace for efficiency or anything that sets a new direction for 2013.
  4. Celebrate and enjoy!

See you all in 2013.

– Aaron and Thanh
Asian Efficiency

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Posted by David Clark  | February 24, 2013 at 7:15PM | Reply

Aaron, really digging the video spots. For me, as I have found that I learn visually, it’s good to see things, like videos, which add another component to retention. Please keep it up. Thanks

Posted by Aaron Lynn  | February 28, 2013 at 8:31PM

Thanks David! We’re looking to produce more visually-based content this year – hopefully videos, presentations, flowcharts and some infographics.

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