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Winners of the Email Challenge


About two weeks ago we hosted the Email Challenge where we helped cut people’s time in their inbox by more than half. If you’ve missed it, here’s the challenge (you can still do it on your own):

  1. Day 1 – Cut Your Email Time in Half
  2. Day 2 – Declutter Your Inbox with 1 Move
  3. Day 3 – Set a Timer Today
  4. Day 4 – Create 5 Email Templates
  5. Day 5 – A Scary but Liberating Email Tactic

We’ve helped thousands of people cut their email time in half (and more). Email is one of the biggest time wasters in today’s world. The average worker spends 6 hours a day. I know that’s a lot, but another way to look at it is that it’s one of the biggest opportunities to free up time.

We’ve helped hundreds of people 1-on-1 take control of their inbox through our private coaching and online coaching. Take for example Lisa, a mom of two kids and senior executive who used to spend 7 hours a day on email. She was a typical client – she checked email every 5 minutes and felt like she could never imagine being able to only check email in less than an hour a day. What if I seem unresponsive by my peers? What if I miss an important email?

We taught her a couple strategies (some of them are in the Email Challenge) and a simple system that she could follow. After she implemented it, she’s now only spending 45 minutes/day on email. In other words, she freed up 6 hours a day on email without any repercussions or blowback. That’s 30 hours a week.

Imagine what you can do with an extra 30 hours a week?

That’s why we wanted to host the Email Challenge because we know how many of you struggle with email. It’s one of the biggest levers you can pull to free up time. Sure, batching tasks, Pomodoros and putting stuff on your calendar are all good tactics but nothing beats freeing up time on email. If you ever wished “that there were more hours in a day”, start with email.

As a way to encourage people to get in control of their inbox and go through the challenge, we would randomly select participants of the challenge and give them prizes.

I’m happy to announce we have three winners:

  1. Daniel R – you won the Apple Watch (newest version)!
  2. Curtis K – you won the Fitbit Charge 2!
  3. Oren S – you won the Amazon Echo!

All winners have been contacted and will receive their prizes shortly.

If you didn’t win, don’t worry. We’ll host more fun and time-saving challenges in the future.

And if you want to learn the system that Lisa used to free up 6 hours a day, we’ll be giving a preview on our webinar next week where we share the 3 email productivity hacks of the world’s busiest people. It’s on Tuesday at 1pm and 8pm Eastern. Pick the timeslot that works best for you. It’ll be live and not recorded. We could have easily charged hundreds of dollars for this training but we will make it available for free for those who show up. Now is the time for you to take advantage of it and here’s the link to claim your spot.

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