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How to Feel Alive Every Time You Wake Up


Man in bed eyes opened

Tell me if any of this sounds familiar.

The alarm goes off, jolting you awake. Your heart starts racing as you think about everything you have to do. But instead of getting up, you hit the snooze button, then hit it again (and again). Even though you’ve bought some extra time in bed, you’re not really sleeping…just lying in bed wishing the day wouldn’t start.

The alarm goes off again…jarring you awake for real this time. This time you really do have to get up. You rush through showering, getting dressed, and taking out the dog, but there’s no time for breakfast. You grab an energy bar, stop at a McDonald’s or Starbucks for coffee on the way to work, and curse traffic the whole way.

Every red light you almost make it through, every slow driver, every cluster of construction that never seems to end in your area…it’s all slowing you down. You tap your fingers, jiggle your feet, check your phone notifications over and over.

You squeak in to work “only” five minutes late, and the day starts…with the easy stuff. Facebook, email, Twitter, etc. Every so often, you glance down at your clothes and wish you’d put a little more time into what you’re wearing. It’s OK, but you’re not exactly looking your best. You don’t look as put together as some of the other people in the office.

Looking back on the morning, you can’t really remember any one part of it, because it’s the same as all your other hectic, rushed, stressed-out mornings. You feel like a zombie, mindlessly going through the motions (a zombie saying “Aaarrggh, CAFFEINE!”).

Imagine This Instead

You wake up without an alarm (you don’t need one, because you got enough sleep and your body woke up at the right time naturally). You jump out of bed, drink some water, use the bathroom, and settle into your meditation. It’s nothing fancy, just sitting in a chair and focusing on your breath, but it makes your whole day calmer.

Feeling totally relaxed, you have some breakfast, take a shower, put on the clean, pressed clothes you laid out the night before, and review your goals for the day. You drive to work with plenty of time to spare (the red lights and construction just give you more time to listen to your favorite podcast in the car). As soon as you get to work, you jump into your most important task, completely removing the anxiety of procrastination from your morning.

Now mornings are a time that take you toward your goals instead of leaving you feeling stuck.

Hundreds of people like you have gotten mornings like that with our time-tested morning ritual.

“I slowly adopted the morning ritual. I now look forward to each day and manage a very high workload with minimal stress, focusing on what brings me the most joy and brings my company the highest value.” -Marty F, USA

Are you ready to look forward to the day when you wake up?

“I introduced the Morning Rituals into my life. I already had unwritten routines that I went through, but writing them down made it easier to follow through and to examine and eliminate those things that were hurting my health and productivity.” -Heidi H, USA

We designed the Morning Ritual Starter Kit to be laser focused. That means you can go through ALL the material today and start implementing it tomorrow.

Will I see you inside?

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