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How to make your habits stickier by 137%


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As we mentioned yesterday, habits have a lot of flaws. One of the biggest ones is that they don’t force you to think through how you will maintain them.

Once you’ve said to yourself that you’re going to exercise, what do you do next? What’s the plan to keep that going? What happens when you slip up and miss a day?

When you build rituals, especially with the Rituals System inside our Rituals course, you won’t have this issue. We’ll show you exactly what to do, when to do it and what to do when things don’t according to plan. That way you’re prepared for anything that comes your way which increases your chances to succeed.

One strategy you can use to make your ritual 137% stickier is by using this one strategy we reveal in this video:


If you want to make positive, lasting changes then we invite you to join us inside the Rituals course.

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