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5 Quick Tips for Taking Power Naps

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Here at Asian Efficiency we love power naps. You doze off for 15–20 minutes and you’ll feel Asian Efficient again to continue your day.

Since we know that we humans are hardwired to take naps, we want to make sure you incorporate them into your life because power naps are really great for relaxing, regaining focus, addressing signs of fatigue.

This post has been inspired by readers like you because we’ve been getting hundreds of emails from readers who want tips for taking power naps. You ask, we deliver! Here are five quick tips for taking power naps.

1. Set a timer.

Ideally your power nap should be around 15 to 20 minutes. If you’re afraid that you might get into deep sleep, you should set a timer. Start with 15 minutes and see how that feels. If you don’t feel recharged, try 20 minutes. Just make sure you set a timer so you don’t risk sleeping for 2–3 hours.

If a timer doesn’t wake you up, try the caffeine nap. Drink something with caffeine (coffee or green tea) right before you take a nap. It will take about 10–15 minutes before the caffeine will kick in to “wake you up”.

2. Get comfortable.

Another key to making power naps work is that you’re doing it in a way that is comfortable for you. For those working from home, just hop in bed or on the couch.

If you work in an office environment, nap in your car (I’ve done that many times) or in your chair that is declined as far as possible. Just make sure you close the door and preferably have a “do not disturb” sign. The last thing you want is someone to interrupt you as you’re daydreaming sipping coconut juice in a hammock.

3. Use a sleep mask.


When your environment is well-lit, it can be hard to take a power nap. You want to take a power nap in a room that is dark, but if that’s not possible then you need a sleep mask.

They are relatively cheap but it’s worthwhile investing in a good one that you will use every day. We recommend this one. I’ve had this one for years and I use it anytime I take a power nap or when I want to sleep on planes.

4. Ear plugs are optional.

I usually have no problem taking naps while it’s noisy around me, but you might differ. In that case you want to get foam ear plugs that you can buy in most convenience and drug stores.

It’s not recommended that you use your (isolation) headset or headphones. Trust me, you’ll break them. Plus, it’s really inconvenient when you sleep on your side.

5. Make it habitual.

The last tip I want to mention is to make your power nap a habit. Make it a priority to take a nap every day, and this will make it more likely that you’ll stick to it.

To start, pick a time that you want to nap every day. For me, this is around 14.30. Pick a time where you know you’ll be slightly fatigued or where you usually don’t do much.

Now mark it on your calendar and try to power nap each day at that specific time. Remember, you just need 15 minutes.

Some people see napping as a waste of time. I see it as an investment. From my own experience, I know that after each nap I feel refreshed and focused to get more frog eating done.

All you need is one good nap to convince you of that. Try to take a 15 minute nap today and see how you feel afterwards. I bet you that you’ll feel great and get more work done as a result. If that’s the case, then you’ll love our audio program Better Sleep where we talk about power naps and how to get better sleep.

Do you have any more questions about power naps? Or do you have other tips for taking naps? Let’s discuss in the comments below.

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Posted by Chandra  | September 20, 2013 at 3:56AM | Reply

Good stuff, i totally overlooked eye masks. I take 2 to 3 naps daily and have been sleeping less at night. With my power naps, I’ve cut my total sleeping hours by 1/3 everyday. Gives me more time to work and play, and with the power naps in between, I’m always more focused on my tasks.

Posted by Donnie Law  | September 17, 2013 at 8:21AM | Reply

Earplugs, seat reclined in the car, iphone alarm set to buzz on my lap.

Not only beneficial for efficiency, but long term heart health.

Posted by Thanh Pham  | September 17, 2013 at 10:39AM

So true! :)

Posted by Jan  | September 17, 2013 at 6:34AM | Reply

There’s even research done by NASA, proving that a 26-minute nap will result in better performance by at least 30 % :)

Thanks for great tips :)

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