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Late-Week Energy and Motivation


Just a quick tip for how to get more energy and drive going on a Thursday or Friday:

Go have lunch with a friend you like talking to.

One of the problems with being a badass productivity ninja is that you start the week sprinting – Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are always heavy-hitting days in my schedule, usually involving me working on stuff or doing things from the time I get up until the time I fall asleep (literally).

This usually means by Thursday or Friday I’m exhausted – both physically and mentally.

You can offset this effect somewhat by increasing your physical energy through diet, exercise and proper sleep, but there is another type of energy that helps tremendously: social energy.

And this is why I say, go have lunch with a friend you like talking to. After an hour of sitting down, having something nice to eat and talking about your favorite topics (this is important), you’ll find yourself energized and ready to get back at it… instead of zoning out the way we all usually do as the weekend approaches.

Bonus Time!

A couple of other ways I like to keep myself motivated and energized late in the week:

What are some of your favorite ways to energize and motivate yourself on a Thursday or Friday? Let us know!

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