One Essential Item for Modern-Day Air Travel

by · 0 comments on July 13, 2013

Thanh asked me to put together a quick post to let you all know about this little gadget that I brought on our recent trip to Portland.

It looks like this:

Digital Handheld Luggage Scale

And is commonly known as a “handheld luggage scale”.

Basically what it does is hook into the handle on your luggage, and tell you in lbs or kgs how heavy your luggage is:

Digital Handheld Luggage Scale with Luggage

Super-essential in today’s world, and lets you know readily whether your check-in luggage or hand-carry is too heavy for your flight. Doubly essential within the USA because most American airlines are really retentive about baggage weight.

Efficient Asians™ travel, well… efficiently.

Mine was a gift (thanks mum!) but you can pick up something similar on Amazon.

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