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The #1 Lie Unproductive People Tell Themselves (Until They Wake Up)

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I agree. LIE is a strong word. It’s too harsh. I used it in the headline to get your attention.

You clicked. You’re here. The shock value worked. The “lie” is more like a self-deceiving belief. I suppose that’s different from an outright lie. But let’s not split hairs.

When answering reader and customer emails that come in every day at Asian Efficiency, I can often spot the self-deceiving belief before reading the words. I know the lie is present based on one factor: email length.

Unless the email is a detailed technical question, I know I’m going to read a lie when someone needs a lot of words to tell their story.

The story is a personal problem. “There is something about me. A weakness. A character flaw. Something about my nature that doesn’t allow me to succeed to the same degree other people succeed.”

Many of these long emails will contain letters. These letters are acronyms that have been approved by the APA’s DSM-5. The most common letters are ADD, ADHD, and OCD.

What do these stories and letters represent? What is the self-deception, the unhelpful pattern of thought that needs to be broken if you want to wake up from your unproductive slumber? What’s the lie?

The Lie

“There is something wrong with me.”

the lie

It’s a very popular thing to say. We’re given hundreds of reasons to believe it’s true. In fact, there’s a whole industry telling you that there’s something wrong with you. It’s called advertising.

Day and night, commercials on television, layouts in magazines, and banners on websites are letting you know that you’re not good enough (that is, until you buy their product).

The lie is not true.

The Lie is Not True

There is nothing wrong with you. I have yet to connect with a reader of this site that had anything wrong with them.

The “I’m not enough” story can quickly turn into the main focus of one’s life. The brain starts to look for situations that support the story. A personal soap opera is created for the ego to play with. The story hypnotizes.

How do you break this hypnosis?


Stop believing the lie. Stop feeding it. Stop giving it your energy and attention. Instead, turn your attention away from the lie and zero in on the action. Zero in on how you can serve others using your unique abilities and skills.

Is it easy?

No! It’s hard as hell.

And I’m grateful that people trust Asian Efficiency with their stories. That kind of vulnerability will lead to growth. To be perfectly honest, I’m telling myself this lie right now. I don’t feel smart enough. This article might not be good enough.

However, as long as I keep my focus on the action…

Keep typing. Keep revising. Make sure the message hits as well as I can punch given my experience.

…and look to see if I am in alignment with my outwardly focused life philosophies:

  • To know more than I did yesterday.
  • To lessen the suffering of others.
  • To explore and discover.
  • To find self-reverence, self-knowledge, and self-control in my life and help others do the same.
  • To teach.
  • To change the world and have a hell of a good time.

I’ll be okay. I won’t let the lies win today.

What about you?

What lies have you been telling yourself recently? How can you wake up? What action can you focus on to suffocate the lie?

Share your lies and how you plan on silencing them in the comments.

Or, if the frankness of this post hasn’t scared you off [1], email us at [email protected] Short AND long emails are welcome.

Getting the thoughts out of your head and written in a place where they can be objectively observed could be your first step to waking up. Make the subject line “waking up.” We will respond with our most sincere thoughts on what you can do to fight the lie.

[1] And I sincerely hope it has not.

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Posted by Eva  | October 27, 2015 at 5:09PM | Reply

“In fact, there’s a whole industry telling you that there’s something wrong with you. It’s called advertising.”

I love it :)

Posted by Alice  | October 20, 2015 at 7:56AM | Reply

ThANK YOU, just got off a phone call where I confronted an aquaintancs with the same issue and I have ADD. I am a firm believer of never letting what I cannot do stopping me what I can do. The TRUTH will always set us free.

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