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Focus Challenge Recap


That’s a wrap!

Our 5-Day Focus Challenge is officially over. If you’ve been following along at home, you now have clarity in what to focus on to achieve your ideal future and you’ve created the space in your schedule to take action on it regularly. For you, it’s not a question of if you will achieve the future you’ve always dreamed of, but when.

In case you missed any of the challenges, here’s a recap of what we covered:

Now that you’ve set the wheels in motion, continue to build on your momentum and make taking action on your most important task a priority. Capitalize on the momentum you’ve generated over the last 5 days and continue to eat your frog with ninja-like efficiency.

What about the prizes?!?

We want to hear about your success, so all you have to do to officially enter the giveaway for the prizes is send a picture of your progress as a result of taking this challenge to [email protected] with the phrase “Focus Challenge” in the Subject. That means that if your goal is to write a book and the task you identified on Day 4 was sitting down to write, send us a picture of what you’ve written! It doesn’t matter if it’s only a couple sentences – remember, massive action comes from consistency. What matters is that you started, and we want to know that!

Here’s a list of the prizes that we will be giving away:

  • Grand Prize – Bose QC35 Headphones (1)
  • First Prize – Apple AirPods (1)
  • Second Prize – Esington Glass Pomodoro Timer (1)
  • Third Prize – Hardcover copy of Deep Work by Cal Newport (5)

Submit it before Friday November  17th to be eligible. Do it right now before you forget!

Winners will be announced on the blog on Friday, November 24th.

What now?

Keep going! You have what you need to continue to take massive action on your goals and create the future you’ve always dreamed of.

But if you need a little help or want some more tips and tricks on how to make your dream a reality even faster, check out our FREE training workshop. It’s titled How To Achieve Superhuman Productivity And Get A Year’s Worth Of Work Done In The​​​​​​​ Next 30 Days, and we’ll be showing even more advanced strategies and case studies of how people like myself, Thanh and other Asian Efficiency readers and listeners have accomplished taking more action on our goals in 30 days than most people do in an entire year.

The training is going to take place on Tuesday, November 14th. It’s first come, first serve, so don’t wait if you want to join us for this free training. Click here to reserve your spot.

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