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These kinds of people have the best work-life balance in the world thanks to this 1 belief

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Have you ever said “I wish had more time”?

Do you want more work-life balance?

I’m here to tell you…no you do not want that.

Let me explain.

Recently, Facebook reminded me that I was friends with a person for 8 years. I don’t know about you but eight years is a long time knowing someone. When I looked at the selfie we took, I realized I actually didn’t know that person at all. We met one time at a conference and have been “facebook friends” for eight years.

If I told you that you should meet my friend who I’ve known for eight years, you’d think that we would be really good friends…right?

The length of time you know someone doesn’t define the quality of the relationship. I have a friend who I’ve known for two years but he knows more about me than most of my friends who have known me for much longer.

So when FB showed the selfie that we took in 2009, it reminded me of a bigger, important lesson:

It’s not about quantity of time, but the quality of time.

I’ve been guilty spending a whole afternoon watching Netflix at my parents’ house. As much as I love Breaking Bad, binge watching for 4 hours straight wasn’t a good use of time (considering I had flown across the country to see them).

When my dad and I spent 25 minutes fixing a flat tire together, that was a moment I would never forget. We cracked jokes, he reminded me when I peed my pants at a rollercoaster, and we fixed a flat tire. Those 25 minutes were worth more to me than sitting in my parents living room watching a tv series for 4 hours.

In both cases, I was “spending time” with my family but the quality of time was vastly different.

How often have you spent time with your family or kids…but you really weren’t present. Physically you were there but your mind wasn’t.

I think we’ve been all guilty of that.

At the end of our lives, we remember the moments that mattered. And it doesn’t take hours to create those moments.

At AE we give people, like you, resources and tools to win-back free time. When people come to us, especially if they’re over 35, I’ve noticed that they want “more free time” and work-life balance.

After years of working with clients, what they really want isn’t more free time or work-life balance. “Free time” and “work-life balance” are code words for:

  • The ability to choose how they spend their time
  • To be in control of their schedule

These two allow you to create “moments” like playing board games with your kids, seeing friends across the country and going for romantic dinners with your significant other.

So how do you create “work-life balance” where you are happy at work and have enough free time outside of work to do what you want to do (without any stress)?

Internally, we don’t believe in work-life balance. It assumes that work and life are at odds with each other every day. As if it’s a Braveheart battle where compromises have to be made.

Instead, we believe in something else much more effective. We cover it all in this video. It’s part of our paid course Finisher’s Fastlane but we’re releasing it to you today for free (for a limited time).

Here’s one of our clients had to say about it:

Watch this video now:

Let me know what your take on it is. I read every comment.

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Posted by Tom  | December 20, 2017 at 12:17PM | Reply

I appreciate your sharing this. I have to admit, this is not a new concept. However, it was good to review this in efforts to bring back some balance. Thank you for the mini personal development session.

Posted by Oren  | November 4, 2017 at 7:23PM | Reply

But it’s so much easier to think that there is a balance to find! lol

This makes time management and what you’re saying “yes” or “no” to even more crucial than what I had thought!

Posted by Liz Rolle  | November 4, 2017 at 12:28PM | Reply

Thank you for saying what I’ve been thinking! I’ve long believed that my life is my life and there isn’t ever ‘work’ on one side and ‘personal life’ on the other. This was long before cell phones and email. It’s why, when my assistant calls her son, I don’t care and I don’t want her to say ‘I’m sorry.’ What’s the point in writing the report that’s due if my mind is on the results of my husband’s doctor appointment? Make the call and then be ready and able to focus on the report. So important to recognize we can only be in one place at a time.

Posted by Cory  | November 2, 2017 at 11:24PM | Reply

Great video and message. I’m a physician who has roles beyond just seeing patients and my work is too often on my mind when spending time with family, friends and loved ones. As you say, the work will always be there. I’m not accomplishing anything by being pre-occupied with work-tasks. Quality of the time is key. Working on my individual systems, rituals, and closing the open loops (The major messages of the asian efficiency team) has already led to more quality time and sense of accomplishment. Keep up the great work.

Posted by Jonathan  | November 1, 2017 at 6:39AM | Reply

Astute, very astute, it’s great to see that the AE team is putting into place what the end goal it’s products are promoting. I see it is the creating of new time to bed in habits / rituals and discipline to allow the mind to identify the quality moments and thus allow us to be fully engaged in those quality moments.

Now the next part is really hard, to be able to balance these quality moments which are not guaranteed against goals, day to day logistics and keeping everyone in our teams happy

Posted by Marivic  | October 31, 2017 at 5:25PM | Reply

Bingo! You are so right! Yet despite the fact that we know that is the right way, we still fail sometimes. That is why reminding ourselves like you do to the rest of us is so helpful. Very much appreciated,Thanh ! More power to all of you at AE! God bless you!

Posted by Ashwinee  | October 31, 2017 at 1:04PM | Reply

Hi there,

Very nice message and an eye opener. Thank you for explaining it so well.

Posted by paul  | October 31, 2017 at 10:55AM | Reply

Thanks for this- I’m a physician with four young kids- working on a start up. Thank you for helping me strive to be the best I can be and to leave a legacy to my children of love, wisdom, and kindness. This is only possible by being truly present with them when I am home- a struggle at times. Those relationships are a treasure worth fighting for!

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