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3 Ways to Get Projects Started

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3 Ways to Get Projects Started

The now-classic business saying goes: everyone has great ideas, but how you execute them is what matters.

It is the execution – getting started on a project or idea – that makes the magic happens. The problem is, we’re not commonly taught how to execute on our ideas. This article is going to correct that – here are 3 simple and highly effective ways to get projects (or anything else) started.

1. Speed of Implementation

As soon as you have an idea, or learn something that triggers a great idea – do something with it right away. It’s all about how fast you can do one thing – because you only need one thing to get the ball rolling.

This is using speed between thought and action to create the momentum that will carry your idea from start through to completion.

Now you may think that you will execute on the idea later – but human nature dictates that you won’t… no matter how good your follow-up systems are (we know this from experience).

By moving right away, you circumvent any procrastination. And all it takes is ONE simple action. It could be:

  • Taking an idea from a meeting and writing an email about it.
  • Putting an idea in your OmniFocus inbox.
  • Asking around the office to see who else is onboard.
  • Sketching out a framework in your project management system.
  • Setting a rough timeline up.

The point is to do any one action to get things going. And as you’ll see in the next technique, this single action doesn’t have to be monumental in nature.

2. Start Small

Apart from starting fast, you also want to start small. You need just ONE small thing to get it all going.

It can be a 2 minute task, or a 5 minute task. Just don’t postpone it, because as soon as you do, the project comes to a grinding halt… and never gets executed.

If you start with something fast and something small, you get momentum – and the idea and project will flesh itself out in your mind.

3. Get Accountability

A highly underutilized way to start projects and execute on new ideas is to tell somebody about it. And the more authority that this person has to keep you accountable, the better.

Tell your boss, your spouse, your 6-year-old – anyone who is going to give you a hard time for not following through.

If you want to hack this, tell someone who is good at starting projects and tell them to give you a hard time if you don’t follow-through and then follow-up with them. An Accountability Partner does wonders for your productivity.

Next Steps

That’s all there is to it – 3 very simple straightforward ways to get started on executing any idea or project you need to.

And in the spirit of this article, you’ll want to apply what you’ve just read with speed, by starting small, and by getting accountability.

So go talk to somebody right now – tell them what you’ve just learned. Then go do something small right away – sketch out a plan for an idea you’ve been mulling over or draw up a timeline for a project you’ve been procrastinating on.

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Posted by Brian Naennals  | February 28, 2014 at 11:47PM | Reply

What I do is I start with the small and easy ones before i move to the hard tasks. It’s easier to finish that way.

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