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6 Ways to Replace Emails, Meetings, and Other Corporate Time Wasters by Using Slack / HipChat (TPS 134)

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We have completely replaced internal emails at Asian Efficiency. No one sends emails to co-workers anymore. Think it’s impossible? It’s not. You can do it too within your team and organization. There’s one communication and collaboration tool that you need. That’s either HipChat or Slack.

In this episode we discuss how we’ve replaced company emails with one of these tools. If you’ve considered using HipChat or Slack, we also go over the pros and cons of each tool so you can make an informed decision which one works best for you and your organization. These tools will help you get closer to eliminating company emails, useless meetings, and other miscellaneous time-wasters.

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Cheat Sheet

  • What team communication and collaboration software is and why you should use it [1:27]
  • Slack’s independent research on the effectiveness of using team communication and collaboration software [3:32]
  • How team communication and collaboration software increases transparency in your organization (and why that’s a good thing) [8:07]
  • How Slack and HipChat specifically can help improve the culture of your team [10:27]
  • How to share messages and communicate effectively using Slack or HipChat [10:56]
  • How to attach files in team communication software and how this can help you keep things organized [16:06]
  • Why using emoji in Slack and HipChat can help make communication better, more complete, and more fun [19:07]
  • When and how to use team communication and collaboration apps for calls and video calls [22:21]
  • How to customize Slack or HipChat to be more personal [23:20]
  • Our favorite integrations for both Slack and HipChat [26:36]
  • Setting up notifications correctly in team communication and collaboration software [31:11]
  • Which is better: Slack or HipChat? [34:47]


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Posted by Brian  | July 31, 2017 at 7:41PM | Reply

Is it me? The Slack stats link doesn’t seem to work.

Posted by Marmel Becerial  | August 9, 2017 at 12:04PM

Hi Brian, thank you for pointing that out. Slack must have removed the link. We have removed it from the post.

Posted by Fuad Efendi  | April 3, 2017 at 2:30PM | Reply

If meetings are corporate wasters then HipChat or Slack is the way to go? OMG!!!

P.S. Scrum is originated in Japan.

Posted by Craig Arnoldt  | March 28, 2017 at 10:43PM | Reply

Good podcast thank you. If you revisit this topic, please add Microsoft Teams to your discussion, even though it isn’t free.

Posted by ikomrad  | March 14, 2017 at 10:01PM | Reply

I definitely like tools like Slack but my employer is very strict on having the source code for any 3rd party application that is used internally, so the message apps in this episode are out. I heard that Amazon chime is out and is similar to the apps in this podcast . My employer is ok with Chime.

Have you tried it?

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