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Pomodoro 2.0 w/ Esington Method Founder Rudy Marsh (TPS188)

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Rudy Marsh joins us to talk about procrastination, the pomodoro method, and goal achievement. Rudy is the founder of the Esington company and creator of the Esington Glass, a beautiful Pomodoro timer that you can use to help you overcome procrastination and take action on your goals. Rudy grew up in a multi-ethnic family in North Texas and studied physics at the University of Texas at Dallas. Rudy joins us to talk about how he created the Esington Glass to help him in his own battle with procrastination, and he shares why he created the Esington Method to help make the Pomodoro Method stick in his own life.

In 2014, he introduced the Esington Glass that the Esington Method is based up to the world on Kickstarter, raising nearly $200,000 and backed by over 2,200 people. We share some of the lessons he’s learned from launching a successful Kickstarter campaign, and why Mike personally believes the Esington Timer is Pomodoro 2.0.

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Cheat Sheet

  • Who Rudy is and the story behind the development of the Esington Glass [1:28]
  • The importance of developing a keystone habit [4:37]
  • The core idea behind the Pomodoro method and why it is so effective [6:28]
  • Why the soft stop of the Esington timer helps you keep going if you’re in flow and get more done [13:18]
  • How a flow state works and why you should try to get there as fast as possible [19:13]
  • Lessons Rudy learned from putting together a successful Kickstarter campaign [23:47]
  • True stories from Esington Glass users [27:29]
  • What’s next for the Esington Company [30:54]


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Posted by Sue  | March 30, 2018 at 8:53AM | Reply

I like the hourglass idea for timer. But I’m curious why should we pay so much for it if it no longer makes the white noise? That would be a big differentiating feature. There are a number of nice looking 25 minute hourglasses available. What makes this one the best choice?

Posted by Glenn  | March 28, 2018 at 9:32PM | Reply

Great episode. The discount mentioned doesn’t appear to be on the discounts page of the Dojo. Hope it appears soon. Thanks.

Posted by Thanh Pham  | March 29, 2018 at 5:22PM

Hey Glenn it’s already on the page. It’s near the bottom of it. Enjoy! :)

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