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Here’s How Elite Performers Treat Productivity Differently

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About two weeks ago I was at a high-level mastermind where some of the best entrepreneurs in the US got together to share the latest trends in business.

One of my friends, Todd Herman, was there too and we decided to record a quick video for you. Todd has worked with Olympic athletes, billionaires, and other titans on peak performance over the last two decades. I was really curious to hear his insights on how elite performers look at productivity and what they do differently. Watch this video now to hear his insights.

Todd has brought those fascinating insights into the entrepreneurial world with his 90 Day Year program. I know a lot of Asian Efficiency readers are interested in starting a business or currently have a business – you will benefit from this. If you’re interested in achieving your business goals faster and learn from one who has done it, go check out the free 90 Day Year video series that Todd has put together.

Think of it as a productivity framework for your business goals. What GTD is for personal lives, that’s what the 90 Day Year is for business. Especially if you’re interested in an online business. Here’s the link again to his free video series.

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