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Front Loading: Do Your Most Important Work on Monday and Tuesday

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front loading

A professor, standing in front of the class, took a really big jar and put it on his desk. Then grabbed a couple rocks and put them in the jar till no more rocks could fit in. The professor then asked the class: “Is the jar full?”

Everyone said yes.

With a smirk, the professor grabbed some pebbles from underneath his desk and filled up the jar. Then he asked again: “Is the jar full?”

The people in the room got the hint and they said no.

He then proceeded to put water into the jar up to the brim and then he asked:

“What is the point of all this?”

It was silent for a moment.

One person said that there is always time you can squeeze in a day. While that is true, it was not the point the professor wanted to get across.

“The point is that if you don’t put the big rocks in there first, you will not be able to get them in at all.”

This story always reminds me that you need to get your priorities straight and work on them first before anything else. When you try to deal with them as an afterthought, it leads to last minute hassles, stress around deadlines or it simply never gets done at all.

That’s why I always work on my priorities on Monday and Tuesday. After a weekend of fun and recovery, I have the most energy, focus and discipline to work on my priorities. It’s also on those days that I’ll also work harder and longer to leverage that flow.

As the week goes by, we have less energy to do our best work. We are yearning for sleep. Our minds drift off. All we can think about is TGIF!

How can you work on your biggest opportunities when you’re in that kind of state of mind?

You simply can’t.

That’s why you want to move your big rocks earlier in the week. Do your best work on Monday and Tuesday. We call this Front Loading. This concept is nothing new but this one simple tweak can make a world of difference to your productivity.

For next Monday and Tuesday – start Front Loading. Work on your priorities on those days. Focus on your biggest projects and opportunities. Make Mondays and Tuesdays the most productive days of the week. Couple that with Eating Your Frog and you’ll be well on your way to becoming Asian Efficient.

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1 Comment

Posted by Fayssal Hafidi  | November 18, 2018 at 3:39AM | Reply

Great concept that can be coupled with the rule of finishing the day at 12h00 or 01h00 PM. It forces our brain to stay focused and productive. Thank you

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