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Winners of the 5-day Focus Challenge

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Two weeks ago, we hosted the 5-Day Focus Challenge. The goal was all about getting focused and be able to clearly identify that ONE thing that you need to do and get it done.

Although the contest is officially over, you can still go through the challenge. Here you go:

Day 1: Creating time to focus
Day 2: Your ideal future
Day 3: Living in alignment
Day 4: 80/20 your life
Day 5: Creating Momentum

With the number of entries we received, I would say that it was a success! It’s a great feeling to read about our readers overcoming their struggles with focus. We read all the entries and with the help of the challenge some were able to launch their website, create their brand logo, join a community, make time for exercise and focus work, and a lot more!

As promised, we are announcing the winners today… And the winners are…

Amratansh S – Bose QC35
David H – Apple AirPods
Keith B – Esington Glass Pomodoro Timer
Rachel I – Deep Work by Cal Newport
Steve W – Deep Work by Cal Newport
Esra E – Deep Work by Cal Newport
Christine N – Deep Work by Cal Newport
Oliver G – Deep Work by Cal Newport

Thank you to everyone who participated and hope you join us in our future challenges! If you want advance notice of future challenges and great prizes, make sure you join the Asian Efficiency mailing list. You can do that at the bottom of our Start Here page. Just look for the orange box.

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Posted by Phillip Imbesi  | November 24, 2017 at 1:34PM | Reply

Congrats to all the winners!

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