How to Sync Your Facebook Birthdays and Events with iCal

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Here is a quick and easy tip for syncing your Facebook birthdays and events with iCal. This is really useful for tracking birthdays and social events from one calendar application, instead of using different websites and apps for this. Having all this information centralized in one place allows you to have a good overview of all your social commitments. So here’s how you do it.

I’ll demonstrate this below with iCal but it will also work for Outlook and Google Calendar. If you are using Busycal, like I do, it works too as long as iCal imports the data.


I’ll start with (upcoming) Facebook events. Login on Facebook, click on Events on the left sidebar and you want to click on the magnifying glass. Then select Export Events.

Sync Facebook Events with iCal

Sync Facebook events with iCal by exporting the events into a webcal URL.

Then a popup window will show up that has a link that looks something like webcal://

Facebook Webcal URL

Click on the URL to launch iCal and verify the subscription.

Once you click on that, you will open this in iCal and confirm you want to subscribe to this calendar. That’s it! Now all your upcoming Facebook events will be shown in iCal (or BusyCal).


For syncing birthdays it’s almost just as easy, but it requires an extra step.

Again, click on Events on the left sidebar on Facebook and click on the magnifying glass again. This time click on Birthdays. Now you should see a page where all upcoming birthdays are presented.

Facebook Birthdays

You should land on the page that shows all birthdays.

Now, click on the magnifying glass again and you should see the option Export Birthdays. Click on that and a similar popup window of earlier will be presented to you. Click on the webcal link and iCal will open the calendar.

Facebook birthdays exported

Click on the magnifying glass and then on Export Birthdays.

Now you have all your friends’ birthdays shown in iCal and you have no more excuses for forgetting their birthdays!

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