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Finish Line

That’s a wrap! Our 5-Day Automation Challenge is officially over. If you’ve been following along at home, you have set up your first automation and discovered how simple, easy and fun automation can be.

In case you missed any of the challenges, here’s a recap of what we covered:

Automation Challenge – Day 1
Automation Challenge – Day 2
Automation Challenge – Day 3
Automation Challenge – Day 4
Automation Challenge – Day 5

What about the prizes?

At the start of the Automation Challenge, we announced the prizes. The prizes include:

  1. The Oura Ring (1x) – the best fitness and sleep tracker on the market. It’s better than an Apple Watch, Fitbit and other trackers we’ve tried. ($299 value)
  2. Apple AirPods (1x) – once you go AirPods, you will never go back to wires. A favorite gadget amongst all AE staff. ($159)
  3. Atomic Habits (3x) – one of our favorite (audio)books on habits and productivity. You can choose whether you want the audiobook or hardcover ($20 value).

We will draw random winners on September 9th, 2019 and contact the winners.

To be eligible, you have to complete each challenge and leave a blog comment that you did it. Do this before September 9th to be eligible to win. The winners will be announced at the end of September on the blog.

What Now?

If you want to continue to learn about how to automate your repetitive tasks, we have a new course coming out on Sep 11th called Automation Academy. It will show you how to free up 5-8 hours/week through automation. It comes with 15+ pre-made workflows and automations for common, repetitive tasks that you can install with a few clicks (no tech skills needed). Be sure to subscribe to our email newsletter to stay informed about that.

Next week we will also host a live webinar on automation:

How to Automate Your Repetitive Tasks To Free Up 5+ Hours A Week (Especially If You’re Not Technical or a Coder)

Click the link to register for it. It will be live and we will demo examples of automation workflows we use at AE and in our personal lives. Plus, we’ll give away examples of workflows that you can use.

It won’t be recorded so you’ll have to be there live to get access to the demos and workflows. See you there!

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