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As you might know, enrollment for Escape Your Email is closing in 2 days. As this point, you might be wondering if this course is right for you. Heck, does our system even work?

Instead of me telling you how amazing and Asian Efficient it is, I’d like to share real, unfiltered opinions of people who have joined the course so far.

We have tons of success stories on this page of people who have gone through the course as part of our beta program. They were the ones who got first access to the course and we worked with them until we’ve perfected everything. That’s why we know this system works for every business owner, professional and knowledge worker no matter which industry you’re in.

(Escape Your Email also works without needing to install third-party add-ons or plugins.)

Here’s what Martijn, an business owner who used to be chained to his inbox, had to say:

“I was struggling with my email system because I was overwhelmed by my client emails. I was looking for a better system – especially on how to integrate it with my own “private/work” productivity system I’ve built myself over the years. With some helpful tips of the course I accomplished to integrate your email system in my own system. I now spend much less time in my inbox and also the processing (decision making) of emails goes much faster leaving more time for the real work I’m hired to do for my clients. I’m not overwhelmed by emails anymore.” – Martijn K.

We’ve had lots of people enroll already and we expect to hit capacity very soon. Inside the Dojo (our private community) we’ve had new customers talking about their experiences so far. These are people who just joined the course a couple days ago.

(If you’re a Dojo member, go to the forum and see what people are saying about it.)

I want to share a couple feedback submissions from people who have enrolled for Escape Your Email.

(Click on the images to enlarge.)

Escape Your Email Testimonial and Review

Escape Your Email Testimonial and Review


We also had Janeira and Lisa – two of our rock star beta users – chime in:

Escape Your Email Testimonial and Review


If you’ve thought about joining Escape Your Email, do it today before it’s closed. The group coaching is starting later this week and I don’t know when we will make this course available again.

As with everything we offer at Asian Efficiency, we have a 60-day 100% moneyback guarantee. If you don’t like it, just let us know and we’ll instantly refund you your money. And…this time we’re taking it a step further with a double-your-moneyback guarantee. We will pay you double the money you paid if Escape Your Email doesn’t work for you. That’s how confident we are how powerful and effective this system is.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Try Escape Your Email today.

-Thanh & the Asian Efficiency team

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