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Today I’m opening Escape Your Email, our course that shows you the system I use to spend 30 minutes or less a day on email.

I’ve spent 6 years developing this, and hundreds of hours researching and crash testing it with my team. We’ve proven with hundreds of clients that this system works for anyone.

Why did we create this course? Because there’s no other system out there teaching people how to manage their email in 30 minutes a day or less.

Back when I first started looking for better ways to manage my email, I found all kinds of well-intentioned email advice. The problem was that the tips were generic and didn’t give me real, actionable how-tos.

For example, take a look at these tips I found:

  • “Only check email at scheduled times.” OK, but what about if I’m expected to reply instantly? What then?
  • “Use labels and folders.” Sounds great—which ones?
  • “Reply immediately, so you don’t have to deal with it later.” What if I need to refer back to attachments to the email? How do I avoid dealing with an email later, if it has information I’ll need later?
  • “Receive less spam.” How? Manually? Which third-party tools are the best to help me automate this?
  • “Make your emails more clear, so recipients follow up with equally clear messages.” How? Where are some scripts I can use?

Worst of all, the tips I found were all haphazard. They didn’t add up to a cohesive system that made sense together.

Think about it like learning a subject in school: They don’t teach you physics by telling you, “Here’s this one weird thing Copernicus thought was cool. And oh, wait, here’s this other random thing Isaac Newton discovered. Make sure you try that too!”

No. The teacher takes you from beginning to end, step by step, teaching you everything you need to know to pass the course. Our curriculum is a system that’s worked for hundreds of other students like you. And if you just follow the steps and learn the system, it’ll work for you, too.

Escape Your Email has already helped students manage their email in 30 minutes a day or less—all without ever missing important emails, or vital info buried within email chains. It’s helped people who have already tried to get to Inbox Zero. People who are expected to be on email all day. People who in the past had only one fall back: the delete-all nuclear option.

People like Janeira:

“I had about 1700 messages in my inboxes (!!). I have tried other techniques before, such as declaring email bankruptcy, and using ‘Action,’ ‘Review,’ and ‘Waiting For’ folders. The bankruptcy solved nothing, and moving things to folders was for me the same as ‘file it and forget it.’ The concepts and techniques in this course were much more effective. I highly recommend this course.”
-Janeira S, USA

What does Escape Your Email include?

  • 35 quick and easy videos that walk you through our step-by-step system.
  • Audio recordings of the complete course, so you can listen on your commute or at the gym.
  • Written transcripts of the videos for easy reference and quick reminders.
  • Action screencasts showing you exactly how to set up your email client and apps, menu-by-menu. (Useful, because getting all those apps to play nicely together can be tricky without some expert guidance.) ($197 value).
  • Lifetime access to the Escape Your Email vault, including case studies, examples, and other supplemental material ($197).
  • 6 weeks of online group coaching ($1,497 value).
  • $538 in carefully selected bonuses, including 25 email scripts proven to save you time.
  • Done-for-you email setup…this alone will save you 15+ hours in the first month alone (for Escape Your Email Elite members).
  • 1 all-access ticket to Asian Efficiency’s Productivity Intensive live event in Austin, TX (for Escape Your Email Elite members).

Escape Your Email—after a year of development—is now officially open.

I expect to hit capacity very quickly. Because my team and I dedicate a lot of time to group coaching, I have to limit enrollment. Not everyone who wants to join will be able to.

So if you’re interested, check out the course.

Get Instant Access to Escape Your Email

-Thanh & the Asian Efficiency team

P.S. I’m also hugely excited about our bonuses. A friend of mine told me I’m giving away too much. What do you think? Check out the bonuses here. It’s only for the first 50 people who enroll.

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