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Evening Ritual

How you start the day determines how productive you’ll be. That’s why we talk about the importance of a morning ritual all the time because that sequence of steps first thing in the morning will help you succeed.

There’s one ritual that will multiply and amplify the power of a morning ritual…and that’s the evening ritual.

If you’ve been unsuccessful at forming a solid morning ritual or you have found a morning ritual to be ineffective…then it might be that you’re missing an evening ritual.

The morning ritual is really powerful but only to a certain extent. If you slept terribly then the morning ritual can only help you so much. You can have the most Asian Efficient morning ritual but if you wake up like a zombie, a morning ritual won’t be as effective as it could be.

It’s like trying to teach Asian people how to drive. We can’t drive and driving lessons will just make sure we’re not a safety hazard on the road. You can only fix our bad driving gene so much.

(Just kidding. We are good drivers but you get the idea.)

What you really need is to get enough sleep. How do you get enough sleep? By having an evening ritual in place that ensures you’ll unwind at the end of the day, feel relaxed and go to bed in time.

In our Rituals course we talk about the 7 rituals of highly productive people and the evening ritual is one of them. A good evening ritual will:

  • help you get to bed in time
  • help you get a good night’s sleep
  • help you rest and relax at night
  • help you reset in preparation for the next day

Wouldn’t it be nice going to bed at a normal hour, sleep like a baby and wake up all refreshed? That’s what an evening ritual will help you accomplish. When you can wake up feeling refreshed…and you add a morning ritual on top of that…you’re destined to be Asian Efficient.

When you can string together days where you have executed a morning and evening ritual, you can have the perfect, productive day. Do this consistently and it will lead to productive weeks and months.

Now that you understand why an evening ritual is so important, we want to start a challenge next week to have you setup an evening ritual and stick to it.

Starting Monday, August 1st, we’ll post a new daily challenge on the blog to help you implement an evening ritual. The challenge will last 5 days. If you don’t have an evening ritual yet, this is the perfect time to start. Even if you already have one but you’re inconsistent or you want to improve yours, this challenge is also for you.

Let’s start August on a high note with a new evening ritual that will help you sleep better and feel more energized!

If you want to receive a daily email with the challenge in your inbox, sign up here:

Daily Updates for Evening Ritual Challenge

Get a 5-part daily email with the evening ritual challenge sent to your inbox:

If you’ve subscribed to the daily updates, we’ll also randomly pick one person to win a prize that will help you with your evening ritual. It’s a prize we can’t announce yet, but trust me…you’ll want to have this. More details will be shared for those who subscribe and participate.

Let us know in the comments if you’re in!

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  1. I’m in! I need this so badly I’m late signing up for the challenge because I’ve been staying up too late trying to get caught up?! :~)

  2. I’m in and so grateful for this! I have subscribed to your podcast for a few month now and love it! But I don’t love walking around sleep deprived every weekday. I know it’s my own fault but really looking for some tips to put different practices in place.

  3. I have subscribed to the daily updates!
    Hope the evening ritual can make me more productive.
    Sometimes my morning ritual does not really work. Sometimes I feel energetic and productive in the morning, but most of the days I feel like a zombie.
    Waiting to learn more.. :)

  4. Perfect timing!
    Learning the evening ritual during vacation is going to be the perfect moment to implement it and stick with it.
    I hope you all are enjoying your summer.

  5. I’m in! I have a really solid morning ritual, all that needs is to compliment it with an evening ritual :)

  6. I am totally in – I’m actually working on a 30 day challenge to improve my evening routine right now, and haven’t been very successful so far — so this might be just what I need to make this work better for me. Perfect timing :-)

  7. I’m definitely in. I look forward to improving my evening rituals, such as they are. Thanks for providing the motivation!

  8. I am in! Though Evenings is when I FEEL I work best, my body and mind can only be in “overtime” mode for a finite number of years until it starts to affect my mental and physical health!

  9. my current evening ritual is HORRIBLE…

    i’m new here… hope to see a positive change following your lead.

  10. Love it! Evening rituals are the best not just for optimizing sleep, but for tapping into your dreamscape for creative problem solving. Wake up refreshed AND with new insights!

  11. I am in! I did the inbox zero challenge and that made such a difference. Now that I’m working early mornings, I need a better evening routine to get sleep and make sure I’m awake enough to get started on my morning routine.

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