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Yesterday we hosted two free training sessions on how to get to Inbox Zero (and stay there) in 30 minutes a day or less. We had over a thousand people signed up for this which was way beyond capacity and what we expected.

We thought we might have a couple hundred people show up…but we were mistaken. I’ve gotten a couple emails from people that they couldn’t attend because it was full (which honestly wasn’t fun to read).

Also during the presentation tons of people asked if they could get a recording because there was so much valuable information shared and they couldn’t keep up with taking notes.

We don’t normally record and send out our presentations so the people who do show up get extra attention from us.

If you show up then we want to reward you and help you as much as we can. But…at the same time I know not everyone can show up live even though they might want to (time zone difference, work, other commitments, etc).

That’s why we’re making an exception for this one time…but this free training will only be made available until Monday (Feb 6th). After Monday we’ll take down the training and then the only way you can get this free training again from us is to attend a live session (which might be the end of 2017).



In this recorded presentation you’ll learn:

  • How much money you’re throwing away by being chained to your inbox
  • How to achieve “inbox nirvana” with our basic email workflow
  • The 4 questions you must ask yourself before you commit to dealing with email (or be subjected to waste a lot of time)
  • The 9 apps and tools we recommend that will make getting to Inbox Zero (and staying there) easy
  • Which task managers we recommend with all the popular email clients
  • How to best deal with email on your mobile device

We also had a live Q&A session where we answered some really good questions. Here are a couple:

  • Which is the best order to read emails in? Newest or oldest first?
  • What do you suggest when you have over 50,000 emails in your inbox to deal with? (This one might surprise you.)
  • Does your training apply to Windows or just Mac?
  • How do you make task managers work together with email?
  • What are you missing out on if you just use the Gmail web interface?
  • How do you use email programs with GTD?
  • What task manager does the Asian Efficiency team use?
  • What type of email processing works best on mobile?
  • Which apps do you recommend to use with Outlook?

At the end, we also introduced our new course Escape Your Email. You might have heard about it and and you might be wondering if it’s right for you.

Here’s my short answer: watch the recording of our free training session and then decide. If you don’t get any value from our free training, then don’t bother paying attention to anything we ever produce at AE. You might as well unsubscribe right now because if this doesn’t help you, I honestly don’t know what will. Because the free training we did yesterday was really powerful and some of the best stuff we’ve ever given away for free.

And when you join via the special link in the presentation, I will personally guarantee that you’re going to get the special bonuses (even after they are gone). This includes the Evernote Masterclass, Sanebox Masterclass and others mentioned in the presentation.

Again, watch this before we take it down on Monday. If email is a problem for you (at work or at home) then I guarantee you this is worth learning from.

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