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We received over 300 entries for the Work From Home challenge and we are still receiving feedback about it even though the deadline for the submission has passed. We are happy that the challenge was able to help a lot of our readers transition to work from home. We also received a lot of entries from people who have been working from home for more than 10 years!

It was a testament that the tips also worked for seasoned WFH Asian Efficiency readers and customers.

Here’s a recap of the challenge (feel free to share with other people!):

Work From Home Challenge Day 1: Dress For Work
Work From Home Challenge Day 2: Your Daily Reset
Work From Home Challenge Day 3: Create Time And Space To Focus
Work From Home Challenge Day 4: Reenergize With Breaks
Work From Home Challenge Day 5: Set A Cut Off Time

And now… The winners are…

Dan R.

Dan Roberson

First Prize: Bose QC35 II Noise Canceling Headphones

“I’ve worked from home a day or two per week off and on for the past five years with mixed success. However, with the situation we are currently in, things have changed drastically as everyone is home doing their own thing. We all just flew by the seat of our pants and let things evolve for the first couple of weeks of the stay at home order, and we were all struggling. My wife and I set up at the dining room table and attempted to put the kids at a table I rigged up from some wood I had laying around. We quickly realized this wasn’t working and knew we had to make a change. The timing of this happened to coincide with the Work From Home Challenge getting started, so it was a great excuse to move the kids and set my wife and me up at the table I built since we needed a more permanent place to work from. When doing this I had mentioned how I liked my space clean and that I used the CTN (clearing to neutral) method to do that. My family was intrigued by what that entailed. We got into a quick conversation about CTN and everyone was on board to start using it not just for work, but around the house too. We started that weekend with a quick CTN as part of our bedtime routine. The family loved it and that’s when my wife and son decided to take part in the Work From Home Challenge as well.

I mentioned in my first post that the domino video Thanh shared years ago was a good reminder of taking care of the easy steps first and letting the bigger steps come later. The simple act of dressing the part for work was a great way for each of us to get in the mindset of getting work done. Each of the subsequent daily challenges required a bit more, but the reward was greater too. By the time the challenge was complete, we all had a solid plan of what we needed to do to be successful that day and how we could set ourselves up for future days. We were able to establish a good morning routine to start the day out strong, find specific times in our days to focus on our most important tasks as well as take breaks to avoid burning out. Also, we all know when it’s time to shut down and come together as a family at the end of the day, and that’s so important when we are all stuck working at home with one another. It’s the little things that we do that lead to the biggest rewards, as they help set us up for future successes.”

Troy Knight

Troy Knight

Second Prize: Apple AirPods Pro

“I would say that one of the biggest changes that I have made as a result of the challenge has been to conscientiously take more breaks throughout the day. This truly has allowed me to keep more fresh as I work through the day.

I would furthermore emphasize that I still feel that a great deal of the learnings from this challenge can be boiled down to setting boundaries. Some of the boundaries are physical, such a completing the daily reset of the workspace and setting a cut off time. Moreover, much is mental in nature such as dressing for work, creating time and space to focus, and the necessity of breaks.

These lessons can also be easily applied once restrictions are eased and there is a transition back to an office environment. As a manager of a team, I have been and will continue to share these ideas and foster a positive work environment for all. I suspect that as a result of the positive results of my team, once this season is over we will be extended the option to work remotely more than the two days we had been allotted prior to us all being sequestered in our homes.

Thank you, again, for the time and effort put into facilitating this challenge and sharing the material.”

Alice Ferris

Alice Ferris

Third Prize: The 12 Week Year by Brian P. Moran and Michael Lennington

“Thank you! I’ve been working from home in some form since 2001, and I still learned new things from this challenge! My “aha” moment was to be more honest with myself and my calendar. While I had cut-off times and buffer blocks already scheduled, in reality, I wasn’t honoring them. Now, I use my buffer block to once again clear to neutral and transition to making dinner. Making dinner is my signal to myself that I’m done for the day!”

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