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Challenge 2: Decide on a fixed time of the day when you will journal and schedule it in your calendar.

One of the challenges to making new daily habits is making them stick and keeping them going. It’s easy to get excited about starting a new habit only to fizzle out after a couple of days.

Scheduling is one of the easier ways of way to keep your journaling practice from fizzling out. A reminder in you calendar will act as a trigger to journal until it becomes something you naturally do.

Find your ideal time.

When would be an ideal time for you to journal? Any time where you have the ability to take a few quiet minutes to think and put pen to paper will do.

Avid journaler Kendra Wright enjoys journaling at the end of the day because emotions and memories often change after a night’s sleep.


Find your best time to journal and mark it in your calendar as a repeating event. Remember to take into account where you will be at that time. Do you commute home at [5:30]? Then [5:30] is not a good time for journaling. Do you typically have some free time to yourself after dinner? That might make a good time to set your calendar reminder.

When you repeating journaling calendar event notifies you today, answer the same prompt.

“What did I learn today?

Update: Challenge #3 is now available.

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  1. I like journaling after I meditate in the morning as well. And finishing up with a brief entry at night before bed. When I do this I feel most productive.

  2. I’ve done this for two days now, writing in the morning after meditation. It’s made for two amazing work days! It’s another level to the GTD philosophy of getting tasks out of my head – I am able to get goals and objectives out of my head and solidify those ideas on paper. The lists of questions have been a huge help, I honestly didn’t know where to start, but once I decided to go, it was hard to stop!

  3. I tried journaling at night and realized that my lowest energy is after the work day. It does make sense to do it at the end of the day but I end up skipping it altogether. Now, I journal the first thing in the morning–usually at 5am–right after meditation and so far I’ve been consistent!

  4. I solved my “time” issue by allocating just 5 minutes to it and to bringing my journal with me. I ditched the electronic journal idea after the first day, lol. My thought was, tiny bits consistently were better than larger chunks of journaling sporadically. I’m looking for the top-line notes of the day to analyze trends over time.

  5. I also battle with finding a “fxed” time and I like the idea of adding throughout the day, but I am worried that when you get busy, one might just skip this….

  6. This is a conundrum for me. I’m away from home 12 hours a day during the week, and my time is not my own at home. I think Aaron mentioned that he adds to his journal throughout the day. I’d be interested in hearing more about that approach.

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