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Challenge 4: Reread the reason why journaling is important and reflect on it. Does your why still hold true? Did it change? Write down your refined why now that you’ve thought about it more. Continue to answer the same question and stick to your schedule.

Address “what if I still don’t know what my why is?”. Keep refining it every day till you’re happy with it.

Writing down your why needs to be personal. You have to be fully convinced of your why or you’ll never stick with it. In yesterday’s post we gave you detailed breakdown of some of the reasons the Asian Efficiency team has used to craft our own why for developing a journaling ritual. Here’s a short summary of some of our favorites:

  • It helps you “re-center” and keep focused on what’s important
  • It helps you keep track of what you’re doing
  • It provides a written record of your progress
  • It provides a recorded memory of what’s happened to you
  • It calls you out on self-delusion
  • It makes your weekly and monthly reviews that much easier to write

Maybe you’ve put off writing down your why because you just aren’t sure what you want to put there. Maybe the reasons we shared didn’t resonate with you or you want to come up with your own version that reflects your personality better.

Whatever the reason, if you haven’t written down your why, do it now! You need to write it down. You can always change it later, but just the act of putting pen to paper (or pixel to screen) and articulating your why makes it much more likely that you’ll actually stick with it. According the British Journal of Health Sciences, people who write down their goals are 3 times more likely to achieve them. Writing down your why is extremely important, so do it now!

Keep in mind that your why may change or evolve over time, and that’s completely normal. It’s fine to refine it as you go, or even change your mind and choose a completely different why. No matter how well-prepared you are, no matter how much research you do, you’ll never be fully prepared for everything that life is going to throw at you.


If you haven’t written down your why for establishing a journaling habit, do it now – don’t put it off any longer.

Be one of those people who are 3x more likely to follow through on their commitments by writing down your journaling why on the inside of your journal (if you’re using a paper journal) or create an entry (if you prefer something digital) now.

If you did write down your why yesterday (good job!), reread the reason why journaling is important and reflect on it. Does it still hold true? Did it change? Write down your refined why now that you’ve thought about it more. Continue to answer the same question (what did I learn today?) and stick to your schedule.

Update: Challenge #5 is now available.

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  1. Upon listening to the December Dojo I make the following update to my previous post, on Journaling

    I am the Traveler.
    I am the Dreamer
    I am the Navigator
    I am the Good Friend.

    Now when I write my journal I ask who is speaking, because they all have different perspectives.

    And how excited I am to have this incite, probably been written a hundred times before, but it means something to me.

    If this makes sense to one other person, I will be happy.

    AE thank you.

  2. When reading, writing and reviewing my Journal, I am finding, a person’s, opinion I really respect.

    I am finding that I am looking for more fact, testing what I think know, and discovering, that the really smart person here is ME.

    So My Why.
    I am the man with problem. (Ask questions of the man with problem)
    I am the dreamer. (So ask the dreamer questions).
    I am the navigator. (Look, Listen and Learn).
    I am the EXPERT. ( Get the BS detector out, get them all talking).
    No other talking required, only ACTION.

    I think I have my raw Journal Process, it looks like an Action Journal to get me somewhere.

    Thank you for getting me started, hope Day 5 doesn’t stuff this up!

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