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Challenge 5: Add a fun element to it. If you use digital add a picture to your journal, or make a drawing in your paper journal.

You’ve spent the last 4 days doing the heavy lifting in creating a journaling ritual that will last. You’ve decided on your medium, answered your first journaling prompt, scheduled a fixed time to write, and found your “why” for journaling.

Now it’s time to make it fun. Today we challenge you to put something other than just words down. If you are using a digital journaling application like DayOne, add a picture.

dayone imageIf you are using a paper based journal, try drawing a picture.

Mikes-drawingIf you use Evernote to journal, you have the option to draw, add a picture or add a recorded audio as your entry for the day.

journaling tip 5 photo or drawingTakeaway

Don’t limit yourself when journaling. Sometimes other media will help bring back more context or meaning than a hundreds (or even thousands) of words.

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  1. Ok Day 5 did not mess me up!

    I am going to try the following,
    – Take time out,
    – Play, do something without a goal.
    – Use a different part of my brain.
    – Be creative.
    – Cheat doing it.
    – Laugh at myself.
    – Do it with someone else.
    – Do it in in a strange place (keep it clean)
    – Try to do it, harder, faster, stronger, longer.
    – Be creative in how I record it.
    – Be a child.

    I would be interested in others thoughts here, because …. Damn I think you messed me up, WHY ! we really want to do it for FUN don’t we.

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