Get Asian Efficiency Updates

We offer our readers two different ways to stay up-to-date with Asian Efficiency.

The first is utilizing a technology called RSS (Really Simple Syndication), where you can use a specialized program to read blog updates from Asian Efficiency.

The second is through a special email list that we have set up for people who only want updates and don’t want special announcements or super-secret productivity tips from Asian Efficiency.

This page will show you how to set up both.

Email Updates

The simplest way to get updates is to request notifications via email. This means that every time we publish a new blog post, you’ll get a short email letting you know that a new blog post is live, with a link to where you can view it.

If that’s how you want to get updates, simply input your name and email address here:


Using an RSS Reader like Google Reader

1. Log into your Google Reader account – or open one if you don’t have one:

Google Reader Login Screen

2. Click on the Subscribe button on the top left.

Google Reader Subscribe

3. Copy our feed URL in: and click on Add.

Google Reader Add Asian Efficiency

4. Under subscriptions, you can now see Asian Efficiency listed.

Google Reader Read Asian Efficiency

5. (optional) Sync your Google Reader account with a dedicated program like NetNewsWire, Reeder (for Mac) or Reeder (for iPad) or Reeder (for iPhone).