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Hi. My name is Thanh (pronounced Tan).

I’m the productivity leader here at Asian Efficiency. I help successful people do more and be better at work and at home.

Maybe you’re here because you… 

  • want to learn how to keep up with the increasing demands of your work or business
  • are frustrated with your overflowing email inbox
  • have tried GTD and want to stop feeling “under water” or behind
  • are tired of only having time to “put out the fires” and want to finally feel like you’re on top of everything
  • have trouble staying disciplined and motivated in key areas of your life 
  • are suffering from information overload and are doing your best to survive with a cup that is always full

Maybe you just want to wake up and feel better about yourself.

You want to be able to jump out of bed in the morning knowing exactly what you want to get out of the day AND you want a step-by-step game plan in place to achieve it. 

Whatever reason you have for being here, thank you.

Our goal is to show you how to make positive changes and live a better, stress-free, productive life.

This page is your starting point. Whether you are a total productivity novice or GTD, Agile, Sigma-6 black belt, this page is here to help you get started on the right foot.

There is a lot of content here on the blog. We have in-depth articles, checklists, videos, live webinars, forums, podcasts, and we want you to get started by reading, listening, and watching the things that actually matter to you most.

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Keep scrolling down to see:

  • who this site is for (and who it is not for)
  • our top blog posts to read and podcast episodes to listen to 
  • a little bit about the Asian Efficiency team and values that help us live out our mission

Who Asian Efficiency is for

Despite the name, this website is not just for Asians. It’s for anybody and everybody that wants to be more productive. What are we going to talk about?

We’ll talk about questions that may already be rolling around in your brain grape. Like:

  • What’s different about those days or weeks where I crush it and those where they crush me?
  • How is it that I can never find the time to get ALL of the important things done?
  • Why do emergencies continually flare up and what can I do to stop them?
  • When is someone going to show me how to organize my hard drive and zero my email inbox?

If these sound like conversations you’ve had with yourself, you’re in the right place. 

If you are an Apple user and want permanent, systematic solutions to your productivity problems, you’re likely to wonder where we’ve been all of your life.

Sorry it took us so long to find each other. We’ve been waiting for you too ;-)

Asian Efficiency may not be a good fit for you if…

You enjoy short listicles that feel good to read but only superficially address the symptoms that come with poor underlying personal systems (habits, mindset, tech, et cetera). 

If that’s you, you are not in the right place. You are in the wrong place. 

But don’t worry! 

There are plenty of other websites out there for you… but this isn’t one of them.

How Asian Efficiency will help YOU

This is a site with a mission. Its sole purpose is to make the world a better, more efficient place. But our values are how we live out that mission. You can read more about our core values here.

We remind you of what you already know. Our gentle (and occasionally stern) reminders are there to help you take back control. 

Our articles, newsletters, podcasts, videos, and presentations are designed to help you take control of your three most important, limited resources. 

Your time. Your energy. Your attention. 

time energy attention

We make stealing back your time, energy and attention easier by showing you high leverage strategies in three key areas. 

1. Your technology

We live in a digital world, so we address the issue of personal technology. Email, calendars, smartphones and to-do lists were all (supposedly) built to support you in getting things done. We’ll show you how to effectively use these tools to enhance your life rather than take away from it.

Here are a few of our top technology related posts.


Recommended Apps

Calendar Setup

2. Your habits (or Rituals as we like to call them)

habits v willpower

All highly successful, productive people have the right habits that help them achieve lots of success. We’ve studied hundreds of multi-millionaires, billionaires, celebrities and uber successful people and reverse engineered which habits they have. We’ve revealed them all on the blog and how you can form them:

3. Your mindset

Zachary and Thanh on a webinar

Life, and what you make of it, is entirely dependent on your mind. This is critical. Most people gloss over mindset. But the most productive people think differently. If you think like the most productive people, you’ll easily double your productivity.

Makes sense, right? But what’s the best way to fundamentally shift the way you see the world?


You need to become a master of the mental models or lenses the most productive people use to see (and navigate) the world. Your continuous shift in mindset will give you the stress-free, productive life you’ve been looking for.

Here are our best articles on mindset:

However, we don’t give it all away on our blog. We save much of our best content for subscribers who have said yes to receiving our monthly newsletter. 

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The team

Are you the person who opens up a book and turns to the bio page? 

Same here. 

You’d never take financial advice from someone who’s broke. You’re also not likely to take fitness advice from someone who’s out of shape. You’d be wise to not take relationship advice from someone who’s got a book full of personal “enemies.” 

The same reasoning holds true for productivity. 

You don’t want to take advice from someone who can’t handle their tech, habits, or mindset. So here’s our digital back cover bio page, the team behind the efficiency.

We’re excited to get to know you too. When you join the Asian Efficiency community, you’ll have lots of ways to engage with us personally. Unlike other blogs, we read and respond to ALL of our emails. Don’t believe me? Test us out: [email protected]

The Podcast

Some people like to take their productivity on the road, we make that easy with our podcast The Productivity Show (top business podcast on iTunes).

Here are some of my personal favorites that represent the different types of audio recordings (success stories, expert interviews, audio articles, Asian Efficiency team conversations) we created for you.

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productivity show on itunessticherovercast_finalthe productivity show on pocket cast

Productivity can become a part of what you do, but not at the expense of who you are. We want you to work more effectively so you have time for fun, adventure, romance, health, philanthropy, family, friends and all of the other important non-productive areas of your life.  

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