Why “Asian” Efficiency?

Don’t let the name fool you – this website is for anyone who is interested in time management and productivity, not just Asians.

The term “Asian Efficiency” began as an inside joke among a group of Americans who noticed how their Asian friends finished incredible amounts of work – all in a short time frame, and without any stress. Of course, being productive has little to do with being Asian (or not) – it’s really about the right success mindsets, rituals, and systems. We’ve spent years studying the most successful and productive people out there. How do they approach work and life? What are the rituals that allow them to be in the top 1%? What kind of systems do they have?

We answer all these questions and more on this website. Asian Efficiency’s goal is to have you go about doing things with the least amount of effort while delivering the maximum amount of output.

Our mission is to make the world a better and more efficient place.

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Meet Some of our Team Members

Thanh PhamThanh Pham

Thanh is the Founder and Managing Director of Asian Efficiency. He is considered to be one of the top thought leaders in the productivity industry and he has been featured in Fast Company, Inc.com, Forbes, Huffington Post, and The Globe & Mail. On a day-to-day basis, he is responsible for executing the company’s mission and helping people become more Asian Efficient.

When he’s not sharing his newest productivity wisdom, he likes to drink lots of green tea, eat eggs benedict at hotels, make video blogs and read non-fiction books.

Brooks DuncanBrooks Duncan

Brooks has a dual role at Asian Efficiency — he creates tutorials for Asian Efficiency readers, and he manages our systems and operations. Commonly known on the Internet as “Mr. Paperless”, Brooks has a passion for helping people be more productive with technology and translating technical topics into friendly English.

Brooks lives in Vancouver, Canada with his wife and 2 boys. When he’s not standing in the rain watching his kids play soccer he is… no, that’s pretty much what he does every day.

More about the AE Team

When you get better at time management and productivity, you learn to free up your time to do other stuff, like…

Asian Efficiency Team

Eat good food.

Asian Efficiency Team

Eat more good food. With awesome people like Charles Ngo and James Clear.

Breakfast on the Beach

Have breakfast by the beach.

At Asian Efficiency we believe in both being productive individuals and being a productive team. We live, breathe, and consume productivity on our daily basis, and this is reflected in how we do our work and how we work with each other. You can find out more about our team dynamics and values in an article we released about our Core Values.

If you are interested in joining the Asian Efficiency team, please see our Careers Page.

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