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Thanh Pham
a high school dropout that started Asian Efficiency, the premier productivity training company, in 2011. He gives keynotes all over the world on productivity and has been featured in Forbes, Fast Company and The Globe and Mail as a thought leader in the industry. He grew up in the Netherlands as a first-generation immigrant from Vietnam. At 18, he traveled for a few years all over the world and currently resides in Austin, TX. When he’s not teaching productivity, he loves hosting dinner parties and playing board games.

Brooks Duncan
a former corporate executive that started a side-hustle to support his family. After a year, he left his corporate career and went full-time with his productivity training company. Brooks regularly gives talks across North America and joined Asian Efficiency in 2016 to be the Operations Director. He spends most of his time creating content for Asian Efficiency and optimizing the business operations. When he’s not doing that, he loves spending time with his two kids, wife, and traveling the world.

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