Agile Results

Agile Origami
Agile Results is a revolutionary productivity system developed by JD Meier.

We’ve experimented extensively with Agile Results at Asian Efficiency, and think that it’s an amazing way to track your goals, keep you focussed and basically help you get things done. To this end, we’ve written up an introductory guide to Agile Results which will help you get up and running with Agile right away.

What is Agile Results?

Agile Results is a different way of organizing your life and your productivity tools and systems. It relies on the concept of setting proper goals and outcomes, then directly linking your daily, weekly and monthly actions towards those goals and outcomes (this is actually the definition of productivity).

Agile Results also incorporates several important mindsets and systems to help make you more productive.

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Key Agile Results Concepts

We cover all the key concepts of Agile Results extensively in part 1 of our Agile Results Series, but here is a quick overview of the most important concepts.

  • Rule of 3. The idea of setting 3 and only 3 outcomes for each timeframe you operate in – daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.
  • Triage. Agile’s version of GTD. Doing, queueing, delegating or scheduling incoming items.
  • Agility. The ability to do something fast, seeing if it works, then tweaking it and doing it again – only better.
  • Systems Thinking. Creating systems for everything you do, to reduce friction and overhead. So important we have a whole article on it.

Agile Results Tools and Apps

We recommend using multiple tools to implement the various components of Agile Results.

Agile Results Resources

Here are some additional resources on Agile Results (Getting Results).