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Learning through audio is awesome. You can listen to audiobooks, podcasts and more while walking, driving, at the gym… the possibilities are endless.

We don’t (currently) produce a lot of audio here at Asian Efficiency, but we do have a lot of content, and understand that it can be hard to find things. For your convenience, here’s all of our audio content in one place. Transcripts are also included along with each audio piece.

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Asian Efficiency Audios and Podcasts

  • Our Top 10 Tips to Beat Procrastination. 10 Quick Tips for overcoming (or destroying – whichever you prefer) procrastination.
  • Productivity is a Habit. We explain why productivity is a habit that needs to be formed and nourished. Also: how to form new habits, and how to change your life in 12 months.
  • Multitasking is a Productivity Killer. Multitasking is generally accepted as a bad thing in productivity circles. In this audio we explain why, and outline a few exceptions where multitasking is actually more productive.
  • Productive Morning Rituals. Having a strong morning ritual is the best way to start the day strong. This is our audio on how to set up, structure and start implementing your own morning ritual. We have a follow-up text-only article here.
  • Inner Game of Productivity. A look behind-the-scenes at how we structure productivity and our sense of self, and how different motivating factors can push us to be productive – or not.
  • The Importance of Social Energy. Social energy is the most neglected aspect of productivity. Just because “being productive” nowadays means churning it out in front of the computer, it’s important to not neglect our social lives – it is after all, the people around us who motivate and energize us, and help us be more productive.
  • The Need for Balance. All about the importance of downtime. Even if you don’t think you need it.
  • Essential Tools for a Productive Workspace Environment. A few things that you’ll need to work productively.
  • Working Productively While Traveling. What gear you’ll need to work productively out of hotel rooms and airports, and a bit about how to manage your schedule, time and mindset.
  • Creative Procrastination. A unique way to deal with procrastination – by giving in to it, and using it as fuel for other productive activities.

Photo by: Yutaka Tsutano