Our OmniFocus Course Is Being Retired

Dear OmniFocus user,

Over the past five years, we have helped thousands of people set up their OmniFocus workflows through our online course OmniFocus Premium Posts. With the release of OmniFocus 3, we have decided not to update our online course going forward and we will not be developing new training materials for OmniFocus 3. There are several reasons for this.

When we first released our OmniFocus course in 2013 there weren’t a lot of great options. The Mac operating system was dominating among productivity enthusiasts and the only great task manager available was OmniFocus.

Over the years, this has changed. As you are probably aware, OmniFocus is only available on Apple devices. We have noticed a trend where Windows and Android devices have become more popular among Asian Efficiency clients. We have seen our clients shift from being Apple-only to now having a combination of Apple, Microsoft and Android devices. Our clients are asking us for software recommendations and workarounds for using OmniFocus while they have an Android phone and were forced to use Windows at work (or some variation of this).

This has been happening over the last four years and it has become obvious to us that if we only advocate for an Apple-only product, that we can’t truly help our clients in the best way possible. The market and needs have changed. We have decided to go with that change and embrace it. Over the past few years, we’ve had to make other recommendations than OmniFocus because our clients didn’t have Apple-only products anymore. We still love OmniFocus and if you’re an Apple-only user, we still recommend this task manager over others.

However, in order for us to be able to continue to help people become more productive and live up to our mission, we’ve decided to not create a course that’s limited to just one platform. We are still big fans and users of OmniFocus and we will continue to be one. We also know that most of our clients are not on Apple-only devices anymore. Thus we have decided to not update our OmniFocus course going forward.

What does this mean for existing clients of OmniFocus Premium Posts?

You will continue to have lifetime access to the current course and we will maintain support for any questions or concerns you have around it. We simply will not update the content of the course to reflect the new version of OmniFocus.

We stand behind our products, and it is our mission to help you become successful. If you have purchased OmniFocus Premium Posts, you’re still supported.

What is the alternative?

Luckily, there are great alternatives to our OmniFocus course.

Inside the Dojo, our productivity library that comes with a community and mentorship, we have AE team members and community members share how they use OmniFocus on the private forum. There are users like you who start discussions, share workflows and provide ideas around OmniFocus that might be of interest to you. This is a very small part of what the Dojo offers because it has more than 30 productivity courses and training materials on a wide variety of productivity topics. Plus, the forum has over 10,000 posts on different time management, productivity, and efficiency topics.

For OmniFocus-specific courses, we recommend LearnOmniFocus.com by Tim Stringer. This website is solely dedicated to help you learn and maximize OmniFocus. The materials there will be up-to-date with OmniFocus 3. You can click here to find out more about LearnOmniFocus.com.

Frequently Asked Questions

I bought your OmniFocus course recently thinking it would cover OmniFocus 3. What do I do now?

If you bought it within the last 60 days (mid-July 2018 and going forward), please contact us at support@asianefficiency.com and we’ll refund you the money or find an alternative solution for you.

I have OmniFocus 2. Should I upgrade to OmniFocus 3?

OmniFocus 3 comes with a few new features that you should consider. The biggest one is tags – you can now tag tasks instead of being limited having one context. We’ve covered this question in more detail in this blog post.

How does OmniFocus 3 affect the existing workflow I learned from Asian Efficiency?

Not much. It will still work the same way. The workflow stays the same and you will continue to have the same benefits from it. If anything, it’s a little easier to set up and you have more flexibility around your perspectives. See the bottom of this blog post to see how it affects you.

Does this mean the Asian Efficiency team members have stopped using OmniFocus?

Absolutely not! We still use and love OmniFocus as our individual task manager, and have or will be upgrading to OmniFocus 3. Our decision has nothing to do with the OmniFocus product itself, we have just decided not to update our OmniFocus course going forward.

What does this mean for the future of Asian Efficiency?

We’re going to keep making people Asian Efficient. We’re dedicated to our mission of making the world a more productive place one person at a time. In that way, nothing has changed. In the near future, you can expect more actionable courses from us that will help you save time and be more productive.