World Famous Musician Shares His Best Productivity Tips

Joe Powers

Have you ever wanted to turn one of your hobbies into something that made you a living?

We want to introduce you to Joe.

Joe discovered Asian Efficiency many years ago when he was struggling at his day job. On his quest to leave his job at the Social Security Administration, he wanted to pursue something he was really passionate about: music.

He went to music school at night, studied his behind off, and started to build a business around his craft. It wasn’t a success from the beginning though. In music school, they don’t teach you anything about the business of music.

As he was trying to make a living off being a harmonica player, he started to do more research on what to do next. It’s one thing to be a great musician, it’s another animal to make a living off it. How many stereotypical “broke musicians” do you know?

It’s only a few that take it to the next level where they can pay off their mortgage, provide for their family, and make a decent living.

It didn’t scare off Joe. He had a clear goal but he started to get really overwhelmed by everything “he should be doing”. He couldn’t figure out what to prioritize, what to focus on…and as a result just kept procrastinating. Have you ever experienced that too?

Through his research he found AE and when he implemented one of the strategies that we gave away on the blog for free, he was able to finally get focused and get traction.

Not too long ago I was able to interview Joe who is now a world-famous tango harmonica player. He has performed all over the world and many consider him one the best tango harmonica players.

In this interview, Joe shares some of the productivity tips that have helped him pursue his hobby and turn it into something that is now making him a living.


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