Manipulating Reality

Let’s talk about how we can use our goals to help us filter our attention… and get us to achieving our goals faster and more productively. Read More


How I Use 1Password


One of my favorite Mac apps is 1Password. If you’re unfamiliar with this app, it manages passwords for you and it saves you a lot of time logging in on websites. With all the recent security bugs making the news (and forcing you to change your passwords) I thought I would share how I use […]

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4 Steps to Accessing Emergency Superpower Mode


One of the recurring themes between the Asian Efficiency team this year has been the idea of balance vs going “all out”. We’ve found that most people prefer balance – work hard, take breaks when you need to, and maintain some semblance of a life. But there are also times when you need to go […]

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How do I stay on top of OmniFocus projects when I’m waiting for someone else?

How do I stay on top of OmniFocus projects when I'm waiting for someone else?

One under-utilized aspect of OmniFocus is that it can help you keep track of who you need to follow up with. Most people use OmniFocus to organize tasks and then check things off as they complete them. That’s great but you’re really missing out on a powerful utility of OmniFocus – especially when you’re delegating […]

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7 Tech Tips for Your iPad to Be Insanely Productive

7 iPad tips

After my recent post on how I ditched my laptop and went iPad-only I’ve received a lot of emails requesting more tips and tricks for the iPad. You ask, I write. So I came up with a list of 7 handy tips that will make you more productive on the iPad.

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Switching Up Your Tasks

Switching Up Tasks

Having to work on the same, repetitive, boring and mundane tasks day-in-day-out is painful. In fact, it’s dull, it isn’t productive and it makes you want to poke your eyes out with chopsticks. But there’s one simple thing that we can do about it: switch up our tasks.

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Top 10 Most Common Productivity Blockers

Productivity Blockers

Most people don’t realize that there are three aspects to progress. You can make progress by going faster – that’s productivity. You can make progress my improving the system – that’s efficiency. And you can make progress by removing obstacles and roadblocks in your way – and that’s what we’re going to cover in this […]

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