Getting Things Done

Getting Things Done

Getting Things Done (GTD) is a popular task management system created by David Allen. Here at Asian Efficiency, we’ve experimented with multiple variants and versions of Getting Things Done, and here are some of the articles we have written, documenting our findings:

  • Simple Task Management: The very basics of organizing your tasks and projects using paper, a Microsoft Word document or the application Things.
  • Our OmniFocus series on how to implement GTD and the popular task manager, OmniFocus.
  • A Primer to Quick Capturing for GTD – Part 1 of 4. Mike Schmitz takes us through the basics of capturing – one of the foundational pieces of the GTD philosophy.
  • Quick Capture, Part 2: nvALT. Mike continues our journey into capturing by showing us how he uses nValt – a simple and powerful quick capture tool for Mac.
  • Quick Capture, Part 3: Drafts. Mike shows us how to use Drafts on the iPhone to capture anything and everything as needed – on the go!
  • Quick Capture, Part 4: nvALT & Drafts. The conclusion to Mike’s series of quick capturing, bringing together both desktop and mobile to show how capturing works in an efficient workflow.

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Photo by: laverrue