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How to Start a Daily Journal and Stick to It (Audio)



In January 2015 Asian Efficiency launched its podcast on iTunes. The second podcast was on journaling. With almost 17,000 downloads, it has been one of the most popular episodes to date.

I believe the reason so many people downloaded this episode is because a lot of AE readers and listeners feel like they should journal. Some may want a record of their life. Some may want to mirror the actions of famous thought leader (Thomas Jefferson) or entrepreneur (Richard Branson) who have a journaling practice.

In this episode, Aaron and I talk about the obvious and not so obvious benefits of journaling as well as the nuts and bolts of how you can start a structured journaling practice. Structured journaling is more than a recording of your life. Among other things, this type of daily writing will help you:

  • start new habits
  • review what you’ve read
  • set priories for your day
  • remember your accomplishments
  • increase your happiness

A journal can be much more than meets the eye. It’s there to help you live a better life. Listen to this episode to find out how you can start a strategic journal that takes only 10 minutes a day:


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