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Hi! I’m Thanh Pham

founder of Asian Efficiency and I help leaders become more productive at work and in life

I’ve been featured in Forbes, Inc, Fast Company and have been named as one of the thought leaders of the productivity industry. People hire me to speak at conferences and I teach workshops all over the world helping people achieve their goals in record time.

In the past decade, we’ve helped over 16,857 clients become more productive with our workshops, online training and courses. To help you get started, we have a weekly productivity newsletter where we share productivity tips, strategies and app recommendations.

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What is your biggest productivity challenge?

“I don’t have time”

Win back 5 hours a week with our Time Management Guide for 2022.

“I don’t have energy”

Get the 7-step morning routine of high productive people and double your energy.

“I get easily distracted”

Win back your ability to concentrate and focus with our top 7 focus hacks.

Client Testimonials

You are creative, effective and supportive. I have learned more from this organization than all other productivity organizations combined. I owe my success, current and future, to you!

Scott MacIntyre
Vice President of Retail Sales

There are so many productivity programs and apps and methods. AE filters through to find the best of the best and puts them in one place. The courses allow me to work at my own pace. The blogs, podcasts, and newsletters keep me going toward my goals.

Sandy Lenichek
Registered Nurse

Since I started to follow Asian Efficiency and bought almost all their products, I feel that I accomplish a lot more. Also I am a happier man and so is my family. It has been like fuel to my mind. Thanks a lot.

Justus Dolleman
Editorial Director

You are always at the pulse of productivity. Asian Efficiency is a one-stop location to any problem that a person may have. I like that you have monthly webinars; courses; specialized programs and podcasts. If you can't find an answer, you don't want one!

Gloria-Jean Brown
Executive Coach

I love your content and productivity tips and podcast. I keep listening to the podcasts, reading the emails, following the blog, and the content is so good, so useful and valuable.

Shivani Rao
Senior Applied Researcher

AE offers the "best of the best" productivity strategies and offers a range of materials by topic, cost, level of experience. I recommend AE as an excellent resource in all my productivity workshops.

Susan R. Johnson
Keynote Speaker

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