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TPS57: Advanced OmniFocus Setup + Workflow w/ Joe Buhlig



Joe Buhlig is a technology guru, writer, and developer – and he’s back on the podcast to talk about his innovative ways to use OmniFocus, the task management software that we use at Asian Efficiency. Up your productivity and learn some advanced OmniFocus techniques in this episode.

Cheat Sheet

  • How many projects Joe actively manages at one time
  • His auto-parsing system for quickly adding ideas into OmniFocus
  • Why he has many single-action lists
  • What he thinks about a two-context approach to Omnifocus
  • The different contexts that Joe uses
  • About energy-based contexts
  • How he uses geo-fenced contexts
  • What Perspectives in OmniFocus are and how Joe uses them
  • His daily routine
  • About the OmniFocus “hotspot” that he set up
  • How he reviews his projects


Connect with Joe Buhlig

Screenshots from Joe Buhlig’s OmniFocus:

Joe's perspectivesJoe's contexts Joe's projects










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