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TPS67: Digital Coaching w/ Willem Van Syl



Willem Van Syl joins us from South Africa to chat about the world of Digital Coaching and how the new form of coaching can help you be more productive and achieve your goals. Willem helps his clients reach Inbox Zero, set priorities for the day, and achieve their ambitions through the innovative Coach.me platform.

Cheat Sheet

  • The differences between in-person and digital coaching
  • The awesome impact Coach.me has had on Willem’s career
  • How a digital coach can help via text-based conversations
  • How the coaching process works on the coach.me platform
  • How Willem helps his clients achieve (and maintain) Inbox Zero
  • The tools and task management systems that he uses to help his clients
  • A solid system for planning your day


Book, tool, ritual

Book: Hamlet’s BlackBerry
Tool: Todoist and Coach.me
Ritual: An hour or two everyday without phone or computer to himself in the morning

Connect with Willem Van Syl

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