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Using Coffee Shops and Cafes to Give Your Productivity a Boost w/ Dave Caolo (TPS172)


In this episode, Mike talks with Dave Caolo, a writer, author, and podcaster who has a lot of experience working remotely. Dave and Mike dive deep into coffee shop productivity, talking about why it can be beneficial, addressing the specific challenges you’ll have to face, tips for finding the right shop, and what gear you’ll need once you get there. This episode has tons of tactics you can use to make your next remote work session more productive. If you frequently work outside your office or home or even if you just want some strategies to help you overcome a noisy open office environment, you’ll get a lot out of this episode.

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Cheat Sheet

  • Why you might actually want to leave your home or office to work in a coffee shop and the science behind why it can make you more productive [1:59]
  • How working from your local library can be a cost-effective strategy for people who need to change their location [5:36]
  • Challenges that come with leaving your home or office and working in public places [9:24]
  • How travel time can be an advantageous to your productivity and just wasted time [12:04]
  • Tips for finding the right coffee shop to get some serious work done [14:36]
  • The gear that you need to work successfully from the coffee shop [20:40]
  • How to account for outlets and charging when you go to a public place to work [26:21]
  • Etiquette to use when you’re working from a coffee shop (don’t be that guy!) [32:02]
  • How to keep your Internet access secure when working outside a trusted network [35:55]


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