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TPS55: Building Habits Through Coaching w/ Tony Stubblebine


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Tony Stubblebine is the CEO and Founder of the coaching platform Their goal is to bring the top coaches in the world to anyone in the world who wants to achieve massive success. In this episode we discuss why coaching matters and how to build great habits.

Cheat Sheet

  • Tony is the CEO of
  • They have 2,000 coaches on the platform
  • Why so many successful people have coaches
  • About the world of behavior design
  • How his startup Lift turned into
  • The insights he gained from the millions of users on Lift and
  • The pros and cons of research in academia and research outside it
  • The 3 tiers of coaching
  • The research they did on meditation
  • What Tony’s personal mediation practice looks like right now
  • How you can find a coach on
  • Why active listening is the biggest asset in a coaching relationship


Book, tool, ritual

Book: The Hard Thing about Hard Things
Tool: Postmates
Ritual: Gratitude Habit – tell each other 2 good things that happened during the day

Connect with Tony

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