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Would You Like A Team Calendar That Gets Everyone Aligned? Use “The Anchor” (TPS234)


Working with others can provide a lot of challenges, and one challenge in particular is managing your calendar. How do you balance getting your deep work done, while at the same time collaborating with your teammates? And how do you do that in the most efficient, effective, and reliable way?

We’ll share our philosophies around team calendars, what has worked (and not worked!) for us, and some best practices for managing a team calendar, booking time with others, protecting your deep work time, and having everyone aligned and informed.

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Cheat Sheet:

  • What Thanh and Asian Efficiency have found to be the best solution for them [7:00]
  • The 6 procedures everyone needs to know when it comes to using a calendar [9:39]
  • What makes these procedures so important, and why it’s extra important for remote teams [14:27]
  • The pros and cons of booking meetings the “normal” way [16:30]
  • How the more militant approach can help you avoid “calendar tetris” [26:52]
  • How Asian Efficiency handles their calendars, and how it overcomes the challenges found in other systems [34:35]
  • What makes Asian Efficiency’s daily huddle such a good “anchor” for scheduling meetings, and how Thanh uses this in conjunction with his own “meeting day” [37:38]
  • Questions and tips about scheduling and calendars from Dojo members [49:58]


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