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At Asian Efficiency we believe you should be able to get all your important things done in the time you have without sacrificing your health, family, and things that matter to you. That’s not always easy. Especially if you’re behind on work and you have pressing deadlines to meet.

When we’re in that situation we tend to cut corners and one of the first things we give up is sleep. As you know by now from reading our blog post series on the importance of energy, that’s the worst thing you can do. Sleep is a force multiplier – the more you sleep, the more productive and focused you are.

In the TEA framework – our system for mastering productivity – you know that Time, Energy, and Attention are the primary currencies of productivity. When you have all three at full capacity, you’re Asian Efficient. In this post, we’ll focus on Energy because it’s one of the least talked about currencies and most overlooked.

Previously we’ve shared 3 rituals you can implement to have more energy and 5 ways busy people can increase their physical energy. If you haven’t read both posts yet, I suggest you do that.

We thought it would also be great to share examples of people inside the Asian Efficiency community and what they have done to have more energy.

The Ritual That Helped Alice Stay On Track

As part of Energy, we often talk about rituals. They can help you save energy and give you energy. Alice, a consultant for non-profits, has found that implementing a morning ritual allowed her to be more energetic throughout the day. Here’s what she said:

Implementing a consistent morning ritual that includes exercise has been a great energy improver for me! When I am at home, I go to an hour Barre3 class first thing in the morning. My morning routine also includes a quick yoga stretch, a short tai chi routine, and meditation. Even when I’m traveling, I do the yoga/tai chi/meditation part of my ritual, and sometimes add a short online Barre class. In addition, I’m playing with intermittent fasting (i.e. skipping breakfast, LOL). I’m finding that the combination of it all makes It’s easier for me to fall and stay asleep and not feel groggy during the day.

Have you implemented a morning ritual yet? If not, check out our Morning Ritual Starter Kit that will give you templates to set up your morning ritual.

Alice has also been featured on Asian Efficiency where she shared her full story of how she got started with productivity, what her favorite life hack is, and how she’s managing a $54 million capital campaign using AE philosophies.

A Simple Tweak To Your Evening For Better Sleep

If you could sleep an extra 90 minutes every night, how energetic would you feel?

I ask this question with every client that I work with for the first time. After coaching hundreds of clients over the years, I’ve discovered that fixing their sleep is one of the most powerful productivity boosters. Once clients get more sleep, they procrastinate less and are more focused. As a result, they get things done and suddenly have more time for things that matter to them.

So I reached to out one of our former clients, Jonathan, and I asked him what he did to get more sleep. Here’s what he said:

I’ve started to go to bed earlier. I used to sleep around midnight but after a few weeks, I got into a routine to be in bed by 10 pm. My wake up time is still the same (6.30am) but I feel so much better now that I’m sleeping more. My Fitbit shows my quality of sleep has also gone up and I feel more focused throughout my day. In the past, I had a hard time focusing for long periods of time but now I can focus for 1-2 hour blocks with ease. The only difference I’ve made is sleeping more. It’s amazing what sleep did for my energy! I always knew that it was important and I wish I started implementing it sooner!

There you have it. The secret sauce to getting more sleep is….going to bed earlier. I know this is rocket science but anyone can do this! Including you. Be honest with yourself. Are you wasting time late at night doing unproductive things? Skip them and instead go to bed earlier.

Inside the Dojo – our private community that comes with accountability and coaching – we have a comprehensive course on how to set up an evening ritual and get better sleep. Go check it out here.

One Decision To Save Yourself Energy and Frustration In The Morning

Katie is a graduate student at the University of Pittsburgh specializing in international affairs, security and intelligence. She’s an avid member of the Dojo (our private community) and when we asked her what her favorite tip is for saving energy, here’s what she had to say:

This is probably a woman thing…but picking out my clothes the night before is a GAMECHANGER. I can’t tell you how much waste time energy and effort I have killed over the years because I was indecisive about what to wear and spent a half hour trying on different clothes and then getting frustrated with said clothing. Remove the decision-making process from your morning and spend that energy on something more useful and less mood-draining!

Katherine Brown

This is something all of us can relate to – including men. I don’t know about you but I sometimes have a hard time figuring out what to wear in the morning. I could do a better job myself implementing this ritual because I know it has saved me energy and frustration in the past. So I am committed to doing it, starting tonight. How about you?


Saving energy and increasing your energy doesn’t have to be difficult as these stories have shown you. By making a simple tweak, you can get more productive days, sleep better and have more energy for the things that matter to you.

What’s one thing that you’re going to implement today? Whether it’s implementing a morning ritual, going to bed earlier, or picking your clothes the night before – pick one. Then do it!

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Last Updated: December 14, 2020

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