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We’ve been getting a lot of emails from Asian Efficiency readers on what resources we recommend and where to start. If you want to be more productive and efficient, there are a gazillion ways to do that.

But you don’t need a gazillion ways. You just need a couple simple and effective tips to get you started.

So over the next two weeks, we’re going back to basics. We’ll freely share on the blog the top 5 techniques you need to be Asian Efficient. You’ve probably heard of them before. Maybe you’ve even tried a couple of them.

But are you doing them, consistently?

We don’t always need more information. We need to take action and follow through. Especially on the techniques that give us the most results.

The Back to Back series will show you 5 techniques that will get you those results. They follow the 80/20 Rule: they are the 20% of the activities that will produce 80% of the results.

Back to Basics Technique #1 – Eat That Frog

To kick the 5-part Back to Basic series off, we’ll start with our most popular and effective technique: Eat That Frog. Watch this video to see how it works (and where you’ll see me throw Kermit in the pool):

Next Action

Read this Asian Efficiency classic post on frog eating.

Then…  implement! What’s your most important task? Write it down. Schedule it. Do it first thing in the morning. Challenge yourself to eat a frog every day this week.

And stay tuned for the next installment of the Back to Basics  series where we will share our next most important Asian Efficiency technique to taking more action on your goals.

Next: Clearing To Neutral

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Last Updated: December 14, 2020

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  1. My difficulty is actually knowing which is the most important frog. I know that I need to ask the right questions, but don’t think I know the right questions to ask, to find the right Frog.

    When there are all these frogs jumping, should I think, which one is going to make my life worse, or which one is going to make my life better.

    If I have read this right, inevitably I am going to spend time getting out of the way of things that bite me, but I need to bank some time for the friendly frogs, they are going to get me the good things.

    So maybe my question is, ” which frog is going to get me there the fastest.”

    When I say it like that it almost sounds sensible and may even answer my question.

    Thank you for your help

  2. Knowing that I should eat my frog first thing, and actually getting myself to eat it first thing are two very different things!

    My biggest battles are with willpower and self-discipline. I KNOW I’ll feel this amazing sense of achievement once I’ve done my frog, but I’ll still find myself avoiding it by inserting easy less-important tasks before it to try and create a short term endorphin boost (which inevitably merely results in much negative self-talk).

    Any suggestions?

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