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One of the most valuable skills one can have is to be able to prioritize. Especially in today’s overwhelming world with never-ending todo lists, being able to know exactly what you need to work on first is an extremely valuable skill.

That’s why we’ve dedicated a whole month inside the Dojo on this exact topic. Specifically, we cover:

  • How do you separate important tasks from non-important tasks?
  • What do you do when everything looks important?
  • A simple framework for setting priorities
  • How to work out what your most important thing is

And much more. Here’s a video as part of this month’s Dojo on how you can find more time (with a couple techniques you can implement right now):

If you like this video, then you’re going to love what’s inside the Dojo. Remember, the Dojo is open for enrollment for a limited time only. Go here to enroll now before it is closed or full.

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