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How Compound Interest Makes You More Productive


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You’ve probably seen charts about the benefits of compound interest. Or…maybe not, and I’m just a nerd. If not, let me explain really quick.

This is the gist of it: money you invest now will be worth a lot more later. Let’s say you invest $500 and earn 5% interest. That becomes $525. A 5% increase on that is $551.25. You get the idea. Each time the amount earns interest, the value of the initial amount you put in compounds, so that $100 turns into thousands in the future.

A morning ritual works the same way. The 60 minutes you devote to a morning ritual today reap much greater rewards down the line than just those 60 minutes. Every day you do a morning ritual, you build on the gains of the morning ritual from the day before.

Think of it this way. Let’s just say you could quantify your productivity in units. In my “working at a dead-end job, distracted, procrastinating” phase, my productivity was about a 3 out of 10 (and that’s being generous). When I started building my productivity back up to the levels they were when I was a kid (and had my parents keeping me on track), I made huge gains. Amazing! This is similar to when you start losing weight: huge successes at first. But then it slowed down, and my progress got more gradual.

Going with the productivity units idea, let’s say I was at a 5 after that initial gain period and that each day I improved by 1%. The next day, I was only at 5.05 productivity. The day after that, 5.1. That seems pretty slow, but after only about a week, I was at 5.5. That 1% I put in a week later was worth much more than the initial 1%, because it was building on a greater amount.

I hope that makes sense.

The Takeaway

The upshot is that those small gains compounded into something HUGE.

You’d think that would have made me feel really good, looking back at all the progress I made. But actually, when I understood the compounding effect, I felt really frustrated. Angry, even.

Looking back, I wished I’d started a lot earlier. I could have been at this level years ago!

What prevented me from getting there earlier? Excuses. “If I had __, I could…” “Yeah, but I can’t because…” The particular excuses don’t really matter. It’s the mindset. The “if” and “but” mindset.

I had that attitude for years, and it got me nowhere.

It was only when I focused on the daily things I needed to do, starting with my morning routine, that my productivity improved. No excuses, no ifs and buts. Just “what can I do to make this happen today?”

I went through a lot of trial and error to develop the morning ritual I use today, and now it’s available for you. You can learn it and set it up in less than an hour.

So what’ll it be? Ifs and buts—or action?

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