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We are honored to have David Allen on the podcast, as we have mentioned his Getting Things Done methodology on almost every episode. Zack and David discuss the updated version of David’s book, how to change your habit and clear your mind, and how David implements his own methodology.

Cheat Sheet

  • Why David thinks starting with the immediate mess on your desk is more important than starting with your goals
  • How to get in the driver’s seat of your life
  • About open loops
  • How long it takes for people to change a habit
  • Why people fall off the habit and how to overcome it
  • The famous people that David has coached on the GTD methodology
  • The value of having space in your head
  • Why constraints are the seed-bed of creativity
  • What Contexts are and which ones are relevant
  • What contexts David uses
  • About the weekly review and what David does during his weekly review
  • The rituals that he does every day


Book, tool, ritual




  • Emptying his head and inbox once a day

Connect with David Allen

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